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Minimalist Homeschooling // For Every Budget...Even FREE!

I am going to layout a "curriculum" plan for your minimalist homeschool no matter what your budget is. I realize that some of us can feel overwhelmed in this area. Especially if you're on a tight budget but still want to deliver a quality education to your children. 

Yoga For Christian Families, Kids, Tweens & Teens

We love yoga. It's a great way to stretch, relax, focus and energize. It's no  competition between cardio and yoga. Yoga is the clear winner for my exercise since I don't hate life after a session like I do with traditional cardio workouts. 


Minimalist Homeschooling // Mini Tour

I have been asked by many of you to post a little tour of our homeschool stuff, as well as our methods of storage/organization in our home. I don't really use many organizational tools aside from a few baskets and some cabinets since we strive to keep everything as simple as possible. 

What I'm Reading // Books for Moms

This is a really short post and something that I want to start doing regularly. I post a lot about what my kids are reading, but I also LOVE to read books that are just for me. 


Kari Jobe // The Garden

I love Kari Jobe. Her new album, The Garden, was released today and I am so excited! The kids and I sat down to enjoy her new album and it is a real treat. The melodies, the lyrics...every bit of this is amazing. 


Changes Since Going Vegan // 30 Days In

I was going to start this post off with the big WHY : Why did we go vegan? But I think I just want to do that in a separate post, actually. 
This post is purely an update now that I've been vegan one month. What changes, if any there have been and if I plan to continue eating a vegan diet. 


Minimalist Homeschooling 101 Series // What Curriculum Do I Use?

Welcome to the third installment of the Minimalist Homeschooling 101 Series! If you missed the first two posts, just click here for the directory on minimalist homeschooling posts.

This post is about two months late, but with good reason. I really had to think this one through. I have written and rewritten this several times.

Mango Jicama Slaw // Trader Joe's Copycat Recipe

I'm going to keep this short and sweet because food blogging is not something I am skilled at. Last weekend I went to my favorite grocery store : Trader Joe's. I always try something new and then stock up on my favorites. 

One of those favorites is Mango Jicama Slaw. They always have it. It's the bomb . net, guys. 

They didn't have it. I looked all over the aisle, and even asked for help. As an introvert, that is a HUGE deal since I never ever do that. Ever. The kind staff [they are always so extra nice at Trader Joe's] found out that it had been discontinued. 


Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up // Minimalist Organization

The Life Changing Magic of Tidying by Marie Kondo has been on my Must Read list for ages. It's one of those books that seemed like everyone was reading or talking about. I've read reviews about it and some people found the method in the book a bit odd.

That let a little of my enthusiasm for the book dwindle. Why was it weird? What was so odd? Why didn't some people like it? I get that not everyone likes all the same books, but what could be so odd about tidying up?


A Simple Advent // Focus on Yeshua

In our need to keep this season stress free and simple, we have introduced the Advent candle lighting tradition to our kids this year. We have always wanted to do one, but have never done it at home. 

We have been to church on Advent Sundays where they light the candles and we have talked about the season, keeping the focus on the greatest gift ever given : 


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