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I have always had an obsession with names. Naming each of my three kiddos was not easy. I certainly lost sleep contemplating  just the perfect name combinations. We ended up with a Lorelai Capri Jane, Aubrie Meilani Danae and Everett Lucas Makai.

I've always been drawn to names that are a little different. Not completely unheard of, but not the same as everyone else. I had never heard the name Aubrie before but now there are so many of them. When I named our son, Everett, that name was REALLY far down on the name list but now it's cracked the top 100.

I'm not totally against a popular name. It's just not so much for me. I love classic, bohemian, indie, artsy, hippie sounding names. I'll list my favorite girl and boy names for any of you having little babes or are just name obsessed like myself.

I also am getting ready to publish/release my Bohemian Minimalist Mama book soon. It will have all the names on this website plus TONS more. It will have my revised Bohemian Minimalist Baby shopping list. That's the no-crap guide to navigating baby stuff. Trust me, you don't need even a third of the stuff on those lists they give you at department stores. Life can be made a bit simpler. Simpler life has given me and my family more joy, so I've shared those tips in the book. 

Feel free to add names that you like in the comments below. I'd love to hear what rad names you have. Also don't forget to subscribe [free] to join The Salty Tribe.

Got anything you want to add to the list? Comment below!!! I'd love to hear more of your suggestions!

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