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This is a new blog. I needed another outlet. A place for my ramblings and thoughts. I have always been a restless soul. A need to travel and see and experience. Maybe it's because we moved so much as kids and it just stuck.

Even living in a small town for the majority of the past decade hasn't been without many adventurous travels. It's excited to show my kids as much as I can. We homeschool now, so we can travel more. I really love homeschooling even more than I ever imagined. Probably mostly due to the fact that I never ever thought I would homeschool.

Every year, I get restless and start planning another trip or pin images about moving and lovely places I just need to see. I've certainly instilled this in our children as they have the wanderlust bug as well.

UPDATE : It has been less than two years since I wrote this first entry. I'm happy to report that in less than 10 months we will be setting off in an RV we are getting. We are going to be fixing up an older RV and setting up our first "home" on an island on the East Coast. And then....we are off to everywhere else we've ever wanted to go. We will take our homeschooling on the road with our three kids and our great dane and see all there is to see. 

Our middle child, Brie, has a dream list of seeing the Grand Canyon. I am dying to see the Redwood Trees and camp up there. It is going to be a journey, an adventure and so much fun! There are so many places to discover and explore! Here's to becoming full-timers in less than a year!

Welcome my fellow Wanderlusters. You're in good company here. 

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