American Girl Doll Furniture // Review

I have to tell you about our Christmas blessing. It all started back in September of this year, when I wanted to start planning Christmas presents for my girls. Both of my girls have been dreaming and asking for doll beds for their American Girl dolls. They LOVE their dolls so much, they are taken on every trip and adventure we go on! 

So my husband and I decided we would build or buy an American Girl Dollhouse for them this year. I started searching for doll furniture. It's not that I don't like the stuff made by the American Girl store, we just like to support small business owners! So I found this shop on Etsy called Fun With Dolls. The furniture is lovely! So, I contacted the shop owner, Wayne, for details on getting two beds, and a daybed couch. 

Through conversations, he was also adding in two end tables for the girls and painting all of the furniture for me! Oh, the girls were going to be SO excited! And then life happened. It got really rough for months. The job my husband had didn't pay like they had promised. After only making a couple payments, I wasn't able to make the last few until after Christmas. I let Wayne know that I could finish paying after Christmas and I would just have to get them at a later date. My husband started a new, fabulous job but we were so behind in bills that it still wasn't possible. In fact, I didn't think we were going to have money to buy ANY presents for our kids this year. 

That's when the blessing happened. He sent them anyways. He wanted to make sure that our girls had Christmas presents and he sent them. I totally cried. The generosity, the kindness, it was all so overwhelming. What an amazingly kind thing to do! Another blessing from my husband's new job, just before Christmas, allowed us to purchase a few things for each child. And then the help of my sister! Bless them! 

I couldn't hardly wait for Christmas morning for my girls to see it!!!! When they arrived ON CHRISTMAS EVE, Wayne had even added a couple doll quilts, pillows and cushions! It was too much for my heart! I had to make sure the girls were surprised so I hid them in my room and made all the kids close their eyes [so no one would spoil the surprise] and then made a video. 

They've been thanking me for all day yesterday and today...but really, Thank you Wayne. Thank you for your kindness. I don't think I could thank you enough. I can't fully express what it meant to my girls. Jesus, bless him and thank you for the blessings we received. I know Christmas presents aren't everything, and my kids know it's all about Jesus. The joy on my kiddo's faces....priceless. 

Check out all of their other amazing handmade doll furniture here. There are lots of amazing things, I'm going to be purchasing when we get relocated to Wyoming. My husband has a big surprise for the girls there when we arrive in March: AN AMERICAN GIRL DOLLHOUSE. So, we'll need to fill it with more goodies! The furniture is well made, sturdy and just beautiful, heirloom quality.

PS. My son really likes it too....

Everett putting Woody to bed

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