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We use lots of apps in our homeschool! I have downloaded and paid for and tried everything out there. I mean every single app you can think of, I have sampled just so that I could find the best ones to use.

These are the ones that we use most frequently because they are very good! My kids are 9, 7 and 3. Click on the names of the apps to go to the app websites for more info. Some of these have free options. On ALL of these apps, I have or am getting ready to purchase the paid version because they are that good and worth every penny.  

These apps have worked really well for my youngest daughter, who is 7. We started using these when she was 6 to help her with reading. She had a really rough time in public school with reading because they don't teach phonics anymore. These apps really helped her out. 

This is our hands down, slam dunk phonics app. I haven't purchased the entire app collection [$50] but I buy each level as she's ready. WORTH EVERY SINGLE PENNY. In fact we are moving from All About Reading for her to Hooked on Phonics. AAR is a wonderful program, but HOP is more for her style of learning. 

You can catch all three of my kids, husband and I singing along to these songs. These are goofy, funny and pretty darn catchy. It comes with the first few letters and then repeat watching of the videos gives your kid tickets that they can use to "purchase" another video. OR you can pay $4.99 and download all 26....guess which option I chose after 40 times of hearing the letter "A"?!...

Also by ABCmouse.com are these series of books. There are several and I think that we have them all. My youngest daughter's favorite is the Grand Canyon one. They are interactive and she's learned a lot from reading them.

 I have not yet purchased a monthly membership to the Reading Rainbow app. I think it's going to be worth it once I do. It's like having the show you loved as a kid on your tablet. It even has the videos from the show to expand on learning. Plus, of course, a huge library of books!

This app, Farfaria, we have a membership to. It's a wonderful app with lots of books that has the reading levels displayed. They can travel to several lands to read books with lots of different topics. 
The membership is $4.99/month OR you can one free new book per day. 

We started using this app when we started using All About Reading. We are moving from AAR to HOP, but this app is really useful. It's basic, simple user interface makes it great for my beginning readers. It serves a quick reminder to what the sounds are for letter, letter blends and other letter combos. Absolutely great!

BOB books are pretty popular in the homeschool community for teaching little ones to read. These apps are a great introduction for my 3 year old to sentence structure and word recognition. 

These apps serve to help your child comprehend what they're reading, pay attention to details, and learn about all types of things, people and places. They have these available from 3rd grade up through 8th grade. If you live in a state with CCSS [Common Core] and you have to do annual testing, like we do, we prep using these. Even though I do NOT approve of the common core OR use anything that is core aligned, these apps are just fine for learning. 

LOVE. My daughter LOVE LOVES this app. After she played the free version for a few minutes, I found it completely worth it to try it out for 6 months. That was $4.99 but I probably should have done 12 months at $7.99. Not bad at all for what it does. To fully see what all it does, watch this info/tutorial. It's goes through the features and is really helpful.

This app lends more toward grammar as it makes sure that kids notice that sentences begin with capital letters and end with correct punctuation. However, this app also really helps my daughter with reading and listening skills. You have to listen to the sentence and place the word tiles and punctuation in the proper order to match the sentence heard.

My 3 year old really likes this game. It really helps with repetitive phonics sounds and rewards with a piece of the puzzle [train]. My son really likes playing it and he's starting to really grasp the sounds that letters make.

** DISCLAIMER : I use my own money to purchase apps. I was not compensated by any means for this post. It's just that after I've been through so many disappointing apps, I wanted to compile a list of actually good ones. I want everyone to know that there are some that are worth purchasing and some that are free. See full site disclaimer HERE

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