When Dreams Become Reality.

We're actually doing it. This year we are finally moving to the beach. We don't live far from it and live in the coastal plains of North Carolina however, it's always been a dream to live a bit closer to the ocean. It's finally a reality. We were supposed to be moving to Wyoming, but God had other plans. I like these better. 

We've had times of plenty and times of whoa-this-sucks.  And each time, I've had to lean more and trust more in God. That He has this all a part of his plan. With each trial, much to my own surprise, we gain clarity. Something weird happened to my personality as well....I don't even bother to freak out and wonder how things are going to get better. At all. This is the opposite of my natural personality. I don't know how God does it, but each time, everything works out and gets better. 

I know what I want to do now to serve others, what I want our life to look like and how to get there. None of which is possible without the Lord. Now I can daydream. However, I do need to keep myself in check to stay in the now. I'm a dreamer to the extreme so this can get away from me...Remember to stay in the present. 

Aloha, Jane

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