Homeschool Bible + Missionary Studies

The most important class we do in our homeschool is Bible and Missionary studies. We've done a few different things mostly utilizing apps and the My Father's World Bible Reader. We used the Bible readers from MFW for my girls when they were halfway through 3rd and 1st grades and then the beginning of 4th and 2nd grades. [Check out the curriculum post HERE] They're awesome! You don't have to have the whole MFW curriculum to use them. We just bought them separately and used God's Love app to go along with the stories. Using the app brought the stories to life for my visual learners. 

Then I started looking around for something new. Back in 2012, Bethany Hamilton had these animated daily devotional apps you could buy on iTunes. There were 90 of them and I remember that they seemed pricy, though I can't remember how much exactly. I only got a few, one at a time, but my girls LOVED them. I wasn't homeschooling then, and put it on the back burner. Some time later, I did notice that the apps completely disappeared whenever I went to purchase another one. I was pretty sad and so were my girls.

Flash forward to 2014: I was browsing Bethany Hamilton's website shop to look for Christmas gifts for the girls. We're huge fans of Bethany! And in the shop was a link to iAmplify's shop that sells the whole animated devotional for $39.95!!! Yes. Just, yes. So we, of course, got that for the girls and have been watching one per day. Our son enjoys them as well, actually. Probably because they are animated...and very beachy themed. We are a beach people.

     Why my kids love this devotional:
* Applicable life lessons for my 8 & 9 year olds. Even some gems for my 3 year old son.
* Scripture is in every video that goes right along with the lesson.
* There's a fun fact at the end of each video that we usually talk about for a minute.
* There's a prayer in each video.
* It's animated and that's fun!
* It's colorful and has beach, ocean, and surfing stuff in them.
* Portable. We watch on my iPhone, the family iPad or my Macbook. [Yes, it works on PC.] We downloaded from iAmplify and then uploaded to iTunes. We play them from the Apple Podcast app. 
* They're short and to the point which keeps the attention of my kids.
* Easy to apply ideas to our lives.
* Great for ages 3 and up. I'm in my 30s and I really enjoy them as well!

  Here's the video of the 1st devotional:

Missionary Studies
Missionary studies is actually new to us. I hadn't thought to include missionary studies when we started homeschooling. A few months ago I was thinking about the types of role models our kids have in their lives. I took a closer look at their favorite celebrities and just realized that I wanted them to look up to people who had done amazing things for God. I wanted them to know what missionaries do and what they can accomplish.

For our Missionary studies we have started using the Torchlighters DVD series. We also bought the one book they have out that goes with the DVD for Corrie ten Boom. I think they're writing books to go with each of the DVDs. We started with Corrie ten Boom, which is an incredibly moving story. You might need tissues when watching the animated movie....possibly for your kids as well. We printed out free coloring + activity pages to go along with it and stretched out the study for a couple weeks. The kiddos picked Gladys Aylward next. 

These stories have the truth of what they went through in them. That means that they deal with heavy topics like the Holocaust, war and the horrific mistreatment/torture. They are animated and the sensitive topics are handled very well in my opinion. It's just enough detail for them to understand what's going on and what their lives were like during those time periods.

** This post contains zero affiliate links. These are my own opinions, everything was purchased with my own money. None of the entities represented know I'm even writing this.

Aloha, Jane

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