The BEST Tween Girl Books

My eldest daughter really loves reading. It was slow going trying to find books that interested her enough to capture her to the point of reading everywhere. Now she's reading in the car, while brushing her teeth and instead of sleeping. Not a bad habit to have at all! I've seen a trend in books that she's into, so I thought I would share them in case you're looking to get your tween girl into reading for fun. I would say that these books are good for ages 7-12. On the older end of the spectrum, they'll be easy, quick reads but entertaining. 

1. Girls Doing Rad Sports Books. 
     - Our favorite series in this genre are: Jake Maddox [Girl Sports Stories]. She's read the gymnastics, surfing [fav] and figure skating books. Her fav one is called Storm Surfer. It's about friends at surf camp in North Carolina and then they find out a hurricane is headed their way. Compelling stuff.  

     - Another favorite is the Go Girl! Series. Lorelai's favorite is [of course] the Surf's Up book and the Camp Chaos book. She has about 6 of these books and really enjoyed them.  She likes these a bit better than the Jake Maddox because she finds them inspiring. She said they gave her good ideas of fun things to do with her friends. 

2. Girls From Yesteryear and Beyond Books.
    - These Little House Chapter Books are the set my eldest is reading before diving into the full books that we're going to read together. We are fans of the show and my girls LOVE learning about this era. My youngest daughter and my son have all of the My First Little House Books. Those are picture books with beautiful artwork in them. Perfect for bedtime stories.

    - Of course we must add The American Girl Historical Doll Books. They like the modern doll books as well, but they started with the historical series. I'll never forget the first time I saw my eldest really connect with the characters in a book she was reading. It was the Kirstin book, the part where her friend dies of illness. She was just in tears as she turned the pages of that story. Broke my heart but I loved that she was as into books as I get. 

3. Girls Growing in Faith Books.
   - The Hot Chocolate With God Series doubles as a fill in journal type of book. They have great information that is applicable to a young girls life. She finds them inspiring and uplifting and likes the journaling part. 

   - Any books by Dannah Gresh. Lorelai is reading A Girl's Guide to Understanding Boys right now and she has found this particularly helpful. She's actually sharing the tips in the book with her friends. It has fill-in-the-blanks, crossword puzzles, and other activities in the book along with awesome information about boys. I enjoy reading Dannah Gresh books as well [more on those in another blog post.] Dannah has a fictional book series for girls as well, which Lorelai is reading next.

   - The Cul-de-Sac Kids books are great books! They have wonderful morals and my daughters really like this series. They're short reads that talk about adoption, family and faith. The girls can't wait to read more in these series. 

   - There is a new book series being written by The Torchlighters Ministry. I talked about these a bit on our Bible + Missionary study post, but they're worth mentioning again. These are DVDs but they are now also writing books to go along with them. There is only one book out right now about Corrie ten Boom. This book covers some very hard stuff about the Holocaust and Nazis, so read it before giving it to your kid. Very well written and eye-opening to the horrific realities of WWII. 

Aloha, Jane

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