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In our homeschool we do a lot of Charlotte Mason type of study. For science, this means that we do a lot of nature study. Thus far in our homeschooling journey, we just kinda wing it. We have loosely followed the guide on Ambleside Online and made nature study journals that the kiddos draw and write in. I'll showcase those in another post with all the supplies we use soon. 

A few months ago, I stumbled upon the Homeschool Journey website while looking for some stuff for History. On their site, they have these super rad Nature Portfolios. They are landscape three ring binders filled with notebooking pages! They can be filled in however you like, and there are
pictures you can color, cut out, and lesson ideas in the back of each binder. My kids really love them. I use them with my 10 and 8 year old daughters but I'm going to be getting another one to use with my 4 year old son, so that he can join in more. 

We used them recently to journal our finds on the coast of North Carolina. We were able to purchase a few items on a local island to complete our study. We like to have things tangibly in our hands to discover so I made sure we had those for our study. The girls filled in pages on shells, starfish, coral and other sea life. We will be picking up some living books on these subjects to fill in more information as we go.

The girls did some copywork about our sea life collection in their portfolios as well and colored some pictures that were provided. They drew in the other things on the available space. These portfolios are laid out incredibly well! There is a section in the back of the notebook that has the cut/paste/lesson ideas in order. I wish I had another landscape notebook just to put those separately so that we don't have to lose our place or remove them and replace them, but that's really not a big deal. 

Homeschool Journey also has History Portfolios that you can use with really any curriculum/spine. It's written for Story of the World but I'm thinking we are going to use it with A Living History of Our World curriculum. We are starting Ancients this next school year. 


*** I bought the Nature Portfolios with my own money. I wrote a review to help other
homeschooling parents. I couldn't find any when I was looking for them. ;-)

Aloha, Jane

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