Best Non Diaper Bags for Baby // Toddler // Kid Stuff

If you've seen my post The Minimalist Bohemian Guide for the REAL stuff you actually need for baby, you'll know that I'm not a fan of any diaper bags that look like diaper bags. Ya, know, the ones they sell at Babies R Us. Just stop it. Even the ones that are trying to be fashionable purses just fall flat to me. 

I prefer things a little...different. 

Give me some pizzaz! Show me some character and personality! When I had Lorelai [baby 1], I bought the giant ugly Eddie Bauer diaper bag because I was young and had no idea you didn't HAVE to buy a diaper bag. With Brie [baby 2] I was on to the "fashionable" diaper bag. I was almost in love but it seemed like it was missing a bit of my own personal style with it. I mean it didn't quite look like a diaper bag, but it wasn't something that was totally me. For me, there's something very therapeutic about embracing who I am and discovering my style. 

1. Free People  // 2. DIA Vintage  //  3. Bali ELF  //  4. ModCloth  //  5. Humble Hilo  //  6. Narrow Lines  //  7. Wee Structed

...because Raising Tiny Humans is Exhausting [and yet so worth it!]

** TIP: If you're using bottles or sippy cups, they're going to leak anyways, even in a regular Joe diaper bag. Just use one of these handy dandy things. You're set.

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