Dumb Things People Have Said to Me Because I'm Mix

I am black. I am white. I am Hawaiian. I am African American. I am Irish. I am Cherokee & Choctaw. I am not one of these. I am ALL of these. So I am a mix raced or multi racial person. I'm aware that ignorant people are everywhere. I'm also aware that maybe most of these are said not meaning to sound ignorant. However, please be aware that if you have said these things, you do, in fact, sound ignorant. 

Some of these I can laugh at! Majority of these will receive the flat face where I just stare at you hoping you realize what you just said. Without further ado, here are the top dumb things people have said to me because I'm mix. 

1. How come you don't act/speak/talk black? 
I'm really not sure how to respond to people who say this. It's one of the most common comments I get. I speak with proper English. There are people of all races that don't use proper English. As far as "acting black" .... get out of my face right now before I thunderpunch you in the throat.

2. Oh! That's why you can grow your hair long?
Newsflash! Black people can also grow long hair. Naturally. Just saying.

3. Is that your real hair? Are you sure? Can I touch it?
This is not a petting zoo. Yes it's my real hair. Of course I'm sure. 

4. So do you identify with your white side more?
Sigh. No. Please understand that I am mixed race and I identify as such.

5. How come you don’t have any black friends/How come you only hang out with white people?
Um.... I have friends of all ethnicities, since I don't choose friends based on skin color...

6. So if you’re mix, which bathroom would you have chosen way back when it was all segregated?
I wish I could say I've never been asked this....I also wish I could say I haven't been asked this more than once. 

7. That’s why you look so exotic. 
I am not a fish or a bird. I think this is supposed to be a compliment but it's just weird. 

8. So if your husband is white, are your kids white? 
Just think about that for a minute.

9. Whoa! You like country music?! But you’re black!!! 
You are quite the observant one, aren't you?

10. So you’re one of those like, light black people, right? 

11. Wait. That’s your mom?!? But….Oh, you’re adopted!
Ok, I'll give you this one seeing as I look like exactly NO ONE in my family. I am the darkest person in my family. My sister is next because she's mix as well [white + middle eastern...no, she's not a terrorist...she could make her own list of dumb things] My mom is white with red hair. No. I’m not adopted. Fun Fact: People think my husband is my mother's biological child because he is also white and has red hair. It's pretty funny watching their reaction when I tell them she's my biological mother. 

12. Did you ever date black guys? Are you attracted to black guys?
Yes and yes. I also dated Asian dudes. On my list of qualities I looked for in a guy way back when I was dating, skin color wasn't in the top 100...it didn't even make the list!

13. Whoa! You can blush/sunburn!? 
Yes and Yes.

Kids were pretty mean in school. I got called zebra and two toned, and more. They were creative! However, I do enjoy being mix. It's always interesting when people ask me about it. For the most part, I laugh it off. Most people aren't trying to hurt my feelings and I have a sense of humor. Clearly.

In the year 2015, I would like more forms to allow me to choose both. Sometimes they don't even have the option of biracial or multiracial. Just black, white, hispanic, islander. Choose one. Um. I can't. I have been on the receiving end of racist comments from both black and white people.  Don't be that person. Just stop. Bye Felicia. 

Aloha, Jane

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