I'm Done Year Round Homeschooling // A Case for Summer Break

Today is the last day of school for the neighborhood public school kids. Our homeschooled kids have been out since mid-May. Since the inception of our homeschool journey, we have opted for year round schooling. Articles like this are pretty much why. There are EXCELLENT points for the year round schooling option. 

That's why we've done it. Also, my husband used to work in the oil field and then over the road trucking. This meant he was gone for weeks or months at a time. We loved being able to just hang out with him and vacation with him whenever we wanted. No need to check in with anyone else, no need to worry about not staying on schedule. It allows for maximum wiggle room in a schedule. But I'm done year round schooling.

So, my kids and I are going to give this new schedule a go. We ended the school year mid-May and we will start up after Labor Day. We'll break for Thanksgiving, Christmas and Birthdays are always holidays. Basically how I wished the school year ran when I was a kid in public school. 

Reasons for the change:

* My husband is home every night now and off every single weekend. This has been a HUGE shift in our family dynamic. We're not used to him always being here. We are blessed to have his presence daily now & it's made us extra happy! There's no longer an emergent need to spend every second with him before he leaves. We get to spend quality time with him everyday. A far cry from our old stressed, time-is-running-out kind of way. 

* Our neighborhood is filled with public schooled kids for my extremely unsocialized [read: heavy sarcasm] homeschooled kids to hang out with. I think my kiddos are looking forward to a summer like their friends. I don't think this is an unfair request. It's only moderately irritating that the doorbell rings all year when they have all these random holidays off [Columbus Day?! Really? Snow Day for 5 minute flurry?! No, we do school.] 

* We live 50 steps from the pool. Even though we used it a ton last year when we schooled through summer, I think they're ready to log in more pool hours this summer.

* I think my kids were starting to experience burn out. We keep a very rigorous academic schedule and I think they just need an extended break. They'll feel fresh and renewed by the autumn. Or they might act like they don't remember a darn thing they've ever learned. It's a toss-up. 

* I need time to unwind, prepare, research, etc. I LOVE doing homeschool curriculum research. Don't let the furrowed brow of worry and wondering aloud if I'm screwing up my kids forever fool you. I actually enjoy it. A lot. I'm a list maker, review reader and forum chatting connoisseur.  It's like a weird hobby. 

* I like the defined beginning and end. I have ALWAYS loved the end of and beginning of a school year. I still get a high walking into a school supply section like I did when I was 8. The Container Store is almost too much for my eyes to behold. I kid you not. The beginning of a school year means new fall clothes, fall colors and sniffing new school supplies. Come on, at least admit they smell good. The end of a school year means more sleepovers, camp fires, extra beach days, lazy reading poolside and taking up new hobbies. 

* I can get more work done. Around the house, reorganizing and with my consulting, book writing, online shop and this blog.

* My kids asked. Hey, in a few years we might go back to year round schooling, but for right now, in this season, we are going to take a full summer break. One of the most rad things about homeschooling is that you can change your schedule, curriculum, method or whatever at any time. It doesn't always have to be the same. 

For those of you that homeschool, do you break for summer of school year round? 

UPDATE : This lasted one year. We didn't like it. Year round homeschooling is the life for us. It just fits our lifestyle much better. I'm glad that we tried it, but glad we have the option of choosing what works best for us.

Aloha, Jane

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