DIY Fabric Covered Bibles // Bible Art Journaling

First off, I cringed a little when I typed "DIY" into the title of this post. I'm not a DIY-er. If you look around this blog, you won't find any awesome crafts.  I mean, enjoy photography, watercolor painting and such...but, I am just not a DIY type. I'm one of those that spends two hours on the Ana White website, writing down all the things I'm going to build...but then.... I'm a pay-someone-else-with-mad-skills kinda gal. Just keeping it real. Maybe someday I'll actually build that Farmhouse bed. Ya never know. 

A couple of weeks ago, I somehow stumbled across this thing called Bible Art Journaling. I had never heard of it and was immediately intrigued.  I have seen some of the most amazing art work people have been putting in their bibles and am blown away! I am also totally inspired by the more simple Bible entries as that helps me to realize that I don't have to be some great artist to join in this act of worship. 

And that is exactly what it is : an act of worship. When I am watercoloring in my bible, I feel an overwhelming sense of calm and joy. It's peaceful and incredibly therapeutic. I get out my bible, get my watercolors ready and I paint. No worries about being perfect! I play some soft music. My favorites are Oceans by Hillsong United and Wonderful, Merciful Savior by Selah. I seriously just by then end am just singing along, hands lifted. While watercoloring in my bible, I feel a childlike giddiness. It's Pure Joy. 

The Bibles typically used that I've seen are called Notetaking or Journaling Bibles. This movement in Bible study has made these types of Bibles quite scarce. They are backordered for months. I saw some in stock and was going to buy three [one for me and each of my two daughters], however, after praying about it, I found that I could do art in the Bible I already have! That's right. You don't HAVE to have a specific Bible to do art journaling! My daughters have Bibles, too, so we're already set.  However, the covers are a bit uninspired, especially when compared to the God inspired text within. Just sayin. So I hit up Etsy and found a few fat quarters of fabric that I loved and decided I was going to cover them with fabric. 

I googled a bit and couldn't find any examples of anyone that had covered books that weren't hardcover. My Bible is paperback and my eldest's is faux leather. My youngest's Bible is hardcover so I figured that would be no biggie. I'll do my best explaining...so bear with me.

- Bible or other books
- glue sticks
- pretty fabric
- scissors

- Glue Sticks. Just get like 5 of these from the dollar tree. I used up two glue sticks and then had to switch to regular glue because I ran out. No worries! Regular glue works, too! 
- Fabric. I ordered fat quarters for about $2-$3 a piece. You don't even need that much. Unless you have a giant bible. 
- Primer. This is not required. I did it with mine only because the fabric I picked was thin and see-through. I didn't do this on any others.

Step 1 : Pick Fabric, Prime Bible [I only did this with mine because the fabric for mine was very thin and you could see through it. Not required. I didn't do it on the faux leather one or the hardcover one. I used Rustoleum spray paint primer. When cutting out the fabric to the size you need, leave about 1 inch of fabric on all sides. You could leave a little less, maybe half an inch. 

See how I totally spray painted my dining table?

Step 2 : Glue the front of the cover. I ran the glue stick heavily over the front covers. I made sure to cover any crevices in the spine. You want that fabric there for good! After you do the front cover, flip over to the back side. Glue down the spine in the same way, pulling it taut and smoothing out any bubbles/ripples, then do the back cover. I totally forgot to take pics of gluing down the covers and spine. I really should have done a video...because trying to craft AND take pictures is almost too much. And now you know why there's no DIY section on this blog...

Step 3 : Cut away fabric from the spine if you have a paperback. Tuck fabric into the spine if you have hardcover or leather[ish]. You can use glue to secure it down in there. I didn't. See pics. Then Glue down the extra flaps to the inside cover. 

On paperback, cut the little spine flap off.

Inside flaps. You can do the corners like this.

On the paperback Bible, I snipped the corner a bit. Either way works great. No wrong answer here.

I plan on using scrapbook paper or pieces of watercolorings my kids have done to cover this. Or perhaps washi tape...Right now it's all beautifully imperfect. 

Step : 4 You're done!!! Now get to Bible Art Journaling!!! Join this group for inspiration, support and kindness! You can search this on Pinterest. Enjoy. Also, I'm starting this rad book, A Modern Girl's Guide to Bible Study.

     I'm using mostly watercolor paints and acrylic paints from target. 

My daughters and I do this together. We homeschool and plan on doing this along with our other Bible curriculum.

She's using an old homeschool ID card to apply the acrylic paints to her Bible.

My youngest daughter's Bible Painting.

My first entry : Psalm 91. It was the first Bible verse I ever read [Click to read how I went from Muslim to Atheist to Wiccan to Christ Follower]

Here are what my daughters use for prayer journals. My youngest daughter is going to be copying Scripture in hers.

We got the plain white hardcover books from Target. They are unlined papers. This is where we put any excess paints from Bible Journaling so they don't go to waste, and it makes the interior pages all colorful. The books come three in a pack. We pick these up EVERY time we see them. They can be found in the Dollar Spot area of Target. My kiddos also use some for nature observation art journaling as well.  We glued the first and last pages to the inside covers to make it look a bit neater when you open it.

If you have any questions, just post below and I'll be happy to answer them or help you out. Sorry if anything is unclear...DIY is not exactly my forte.

Aloha, Jane

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