Mixed Kids Hair Care // Tips + Favorite Products

I am multi-racial. My husband and I have three multi-racial kiddos. Hair care is kind of a big deal here. My hair requires a bit more effort. I remember growing up, no one knew how to do my hair. Hair dressers didn't know how to tame or style my curls at all. My mom resorted to relaxing my hair from the age of seven. Now I do keratin or Japanese hair straightening. 

However my kiddos have such awesome curls with minimal effort. I don't relax my kids hair at all. We let the curls live naturally. Things to remember about curly hair : Just because it's sometimes hard to detangle, keep in mind that curls are delicate. They are typically dry and need tons of moisture.

1. Don't Over Wash
Curly hair needs lots of moisture and natural oils. Over washing can cause curls to get dry and brittle and irritate the scalp. My kids wash their hair once or twice per week. 

2. Back Away From the Shampoo
Shampoo isn't really needed. We typically use conditioner to wash our hair. We use it in the same manner as shampoo. Every once in awhile we use a sulfate free shampoo to deep clean hair. Twice a month at most. 

3. Conditioner is Your BFF
Leave in conditioners, deep conditioners, moisturizing conditioners....just say yes. Curls drink this stuff up. Our favorites are Kinky Girls with Wild Curls Conditioner and Olive Oil Replenishing Conditioner.

4. Try Oils + Serums
Using oils in your [or your kid's] hair won't make it oily.  Don't use too much though! Once per month we do a deep moisturizing treatment using Organic Unrefined Coconut Oil . Yes, like the kind you cook with from the grocery store. Our favorite serum is Neem Plant Silk Serum by L'anza . 

5. Satin Pillow Case + Braiding
For sleeping, curly hair does well with a satin pillow case. Trust me I've tested this theory. Satin Pillow Case = Less Knots. You're welcome. Here is the exact pillow cases we bought : Satin Pillow Case [set of 2]. Another way to help with the morning knots in hair situation is to braid her hair. My girls especially love a fishtail braid, but any braid will do!

6. Wide Toothed Comb
Resist the urge to tackle your kid's wild curls with a brush. Especially when wet. That's when they are at their most delicate state. Start with a wide toothed comb and work from the ends up to the scalp. We have these Cricket Wide Toothed Combs. UPDATE: I have found THE brush for curly hair! It is way different and acts like a wide tooth comb on the hair. It gets tangles out QUICK on my youngest daughters wild mane of curls and she LOVES this brush. Sorry for all of the shouty capitals...it's that exciting. We have this one: Detangler Vent Styling Brush

7. Go Wild + Free
Most times after hair washing we leave it down and let it air dry. Wild and free curls everywhere! It's good for the curls and scalp to not always be tied back tightly. Tying hair back tightly all the time can cause breakage and sometimes hair loss at the front of the scalp. Free the curls, dude. 

Every once in awhile, we just shave my son's hair.  :-P

Aloha, Jane

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