Seven Favorites | For Your Surfing Obsessed Daughter [Or Yourself]

I love surfing.  I have shared this love with my kiddos and they all love it too. Our eldest daughter, Lorelai [Rory] has really embraced it. So, I thought I would compile a list of fun reads and shows if you also have a surfing/beach culture obsessed pre-teen girl. Also great for the slightly younger tweens and the slightly older teens. Or yourself...

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 1. Salty at Heart Magazine. I actually bought this for myself, however my daughter loved reading it as well. It's based in Wrightsville Beach, NC but isn't only for locals. I have read about some incredible artists in this mag. Every page is beautiful and inspiring. I love the articles about yoga, paddle boarding [SUP], surfing, travel, meditation...basically it's a journey of calm and awesome. Do yourself a solid favor and snag a copy. Just click here. I can't WAIT for a new issue!

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 2. Surf Girl Magazine. This one is for girls and adults. Well, I enjoy it anyways. It's based in the UK, but is still a pretty rad magazine for US readers or anyone worldwide, really. I want to buy everything on their website. ALL.THE.THINGS. The magazine is pretty substantial. It's like a book actually. The pictures alone are worth the purchase, however my daughter has now added a few wetsuits to her Christmas list...

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 3. Clash: A Novel (Soul Surfer Series) . This is the first book in a series of four novels written by Rick Bundschuh and inspired by Bethany Hamilton. Great books! The others in the series : Burned: A Novel (Soul Surfer Series)Storm: A Novel (Soul Surfer Series) and Crunch: A Novel (Soul Surfer Series).

4. Go Girl! #6: Surf's Up!. A short read, but my daughter loves it! This was one we have on our list for BEST books for your tween daughter. There are a lot of other books in the series, but of course the surfing themed one is her absolute favorite!

5. Soul Surfer DVD. This list wouldn't be complete without this epic movie. If you haven't seen this yet, you need to get it. Seriously. It's a great movie to watch with your whole family. And this awesome quote: 
Reporter : "Bethany, If you could go back to that day, and not have gone surfing, would you?
Bethany : "I wouldn't change what happened to me, because then I wouldn't have this chance, in front of all of you, this chance to embrace more people than I ever could have with two arms."

Um...please pass me some tissues...I have some salt water in my eyes...

6. Surfer Girl: A Guide to the Surfing Life. This isn't just for girls. I totally read this and found it entertaining. If you've seen the movie Blue Crush, the real life awesome surfer Sanoe Lake that was in that movie [friend of Kate Bosworth's character], she wrote this book. My daughter loves the section about all the awesome female surfers. ** I would mark this as a book for older teens. My daughter is 10 and we browse it together. Some tips aren't for her age group so we just skip that.

7. Body and Soul: A Girl's Guide to a Fit, Fun and Fabulous Life. This is one my daughter has looked through but not read yet. However, I have read it cover to cover. We are using it for her health curriculum this next school year. We are both pretty stoked about this one. It's THE BEST. The best tips, appropriate for all ages and adults. Awesome recipes, exercises, tips, prayers, etc. It's seriously my favorite. It's written by Bethany Hamilton.

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Aloha, Jane

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