Summer Fitness // Best Beach Cruisers for the Family

I love to run. It's a hobby I picked up in the autumn of 2013. I'm addicted to races and collecting finisher medals. Hey, don't knock finisher medals. Races that used to hand out free beers at the finish line are now handing out finisher medals. Yay! And while beer is a fun prize for some, to a celiac [like me] it's like saying, "Hey you did it! Running didn't kill you, but this beer might!" 

However...I live in the south. For the past couple weeks temps have been over 107 with higher heat indexes and maxed out humidity. Running in southern heat plus the insane humidity is likened to taking a stroll through hell. Seriously. If you haven't experienced it first hand, consider yourself spared.  It makes me miss my humidity free days back in San Diego for sure. 

I have a new favorite way to stay fit without having a near death experience : biking. It's a fantastic workout and it's fun. Plus you can rock a totally rad cruiser. When I first started looking at cruiser bikes, I found the ones I happened to like were pretty expensive. I did some searching and found these awesome deals. Below are some of my favorites! Also note that if you need, some of these bikes have gears [or have the option to have gears] just in case you don't live in a place with a flat landscape. May contain affiliate links.

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