Surfalorus 2015 // Board + Beach Expo // Wilmington NC

We had a BLAST this past weekend at the Surfalorus Board + Beach Expo in Wilmington, NC! I'm so glad we went. I, somehow, had never heard of it until 24 hours before the event. As soon as I read about it, I HAD to go. The kids were pretty stoked about it as well. It was hosted by Cuculorus Film Festival, Salty at Heart [which I posted our fandom about recently] and the Tidal Creek Food Co-Op [locally grown food]. There was also a screening of Beyond the Surface. I'll post a video preview of it below. Be sure to click on the links! 

So what is Surfalorus?! It's an expo full of vendors that love the ocean, surfing and beach culture. It's also for the environmentally aware, and to remind people to shop local! At the Plastic Ocean Project booth, my kids enjoyed learning more about what we can do to help with beach litter, and about the damaging effects of using plastic. The best part of that was the hands on and visual aspect. That really interested my kids and made an impact. They were extra excited to recycle this morning!

     Of course they were also super excited to see surfboards and we learned about a competition next month. My eldest really wants to do it, so next month we are going to the Wrightsville Beach Wahine Classic so she can compete. She'll be in the Teenie Wahine division and couldn't be more stoked about it.

     My kids also had fun adding to the growing Christmas present idea list...thanks to the many awesome shops that were there representing. Now hats, salts, tank tops, dresses, shorts and surfboards are taking over their wish lists! The Salty C Girls, Drift Mobile Boutique and Mushpa y Mensa contributed a LOT to said list. Also, at the Salty C Girls Island Boutique booth we learned about Half United. Half United is an organization that is setting out to feed children in need. So, for every one product purchased, 7 meals are given. SEVEN. They have bracelets, necklaces, clothing, accessories...so they're "combining fashion with philanthropy." Dude. 

     If you're in Wrightsville Beach, NC [or vacationing there] and are in need of some surf lessons, check out Sean's Private Surf Instruction. They offer group lessons as well and Sean is such a chill dude. Find out more by going to SurfWithSean.com. Just do it, seriously. He handed out a pamphlet on surfing safety and etiquette and a rad sticker. Now if we can just get him to convince my husband to join us surfing...

     Motsy Wynn had some of the most lovely pottery. I'm going to need to get a few soap dishes...but I think I might use them on my bedside table as a resting place for my earrings and necklaces at night. They're SO PRETTY. She's amazing! You can get her pottery at this Farmers MarketRenewable Recreation had awesome creations out of shells. They also had dream catchers, shecklaces, and shellacelets... and a "first of its kind" shell animal. The peeps running the booth were funny.

Sea Love Sea Salt // Renewable Recreation // Re-Eco // Cuculorus Film Festival // Tidal Creek Co-Op // Salty at Heart // Salty C Girls Island Boutique // Sean Private Surf Instruction // Children's Museum of Wilmington // Wrightsville Beach Wahine Classic // Plastic Ocean Project // Drift Boutique // Mushpa y Mensa // Beyond the Surface Film

** If I missed you and you'd like me to link your business, I'd be MORE than happy to! Comment below or email me [Jane] at: hello@saltandseablog.com 

Aloha, Jane

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