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We are a beach people. We swim in the ocean, we enjoy water sports, we are counting down our days until we move to The Island. We homeschool, so each of my kids pick a sport to count for physical education. Brie is a gymnast and Lorelai wants be a surfer. Probably thanks in part to Bethany Hamilton. My daughter, Lorelai, has been waiting for this day for awhile. She's been devouring everything she can get her hands on that has to do with surfing.  We were going to do a family surf lesson, but we ended up having to space it out. Next time I will be joining her and I CAN'T WAIT. 

"But what about sharks?! I can't believe you let your kids get in the OCEAN! Where they can DIE!" We live in North Carolina. It's been making the news lately due to shark incidents. Let me be clear : Do not buy into the media hype. This is not higher than normal shark activity. There are thousands of people in the water this summer, and only a small handful of injuries, most of them minor. I suppose the newsflash is : Sharks Live in the Ocean. Whoa. 

Also, you are like 5 million times more likely to die in a car accident on the way to the beach than to be bitten by a shark. Or get struck by lightning. Twice. They are there to eat things that are not human [fish, crabs, etc], so chill.  Take a deep breath, relax, and don't swim under the pier. Mmm-kay? K.

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One of the instructors, Brian, dropping some knowledge on surf safety, etiquette, all about waves, tides and her board. The instructors at Surf City Surf School make sure you know your stuff before they get you out there.

Jeremy took her out into the water to get her going. She learned a lot from both instructors. They're the best. Seriously. If you are going to Topsail Island, take lessons with Surf City Surf School. I felt she was completely safe out there with them. 

     She did it!!! She was so proud of herself. Second wave. Done. Owned.

Getting Fancy.


Shakas Up.

Practice. Practice. Practice.

She said, when she was out there, she felt "peaceful and stoked. The ocean is so calming. After a few times, it wasn't so hard. Wiping out is kinda fun, too! I LOVED IT!" - Lorelai "Rory"

Inside the Surf City Surf School.

Got her goodie bag!

The board she'll be using next time. It's one foot smaller than the one she used today.

The Wall of Stoke.

Billabong Women's Clothing

Aloha, Jane

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