Custom Personal-Planner Review & Giveaway

I have a problem, guys. I am obsessed with planners and organizers. And really anything found in The Container Store or stationary section of Target. It's true. I've always been this way. I don't see this trend changing for me. I giant puffy heart organizing, well, everything. 

This year I bought one of those Erin Condren planners like I did a couple years ago. It always hurts a bit to hit send order because of the price...mostly because I didn't FULLY use my last Erin Condren. Who loves wasting $60?! Apparently this gal. Oops. 

So, not even a few days AFTER I coughed up for the Erin Condren, did I run across something pretty rad : The Personal-Planner. My initial thought is, "Well, it can't be more custom and more awesome than my pricey Erin Condren!" ..... Wrong.

The more I browsed around The Personal-Planner site, the sicker I felt. There were so many custom features offered on the Personal Planner that the Erin Condren doesn't have. Buyers Remorse. This one wasn't as pricey but offered me more. 

I will admit that I spent a ridiculous amount of time in the middle of the night designing several different planners. You can get it square format, landscape, A5, a mini version....there are countless designs and you can upload your own. You can actually have dates like anniversaries, birthdays, etc that you list printed into the planner for you...for under $40. Stop it. 

At the bottom I'll post a video of the process of making one of the planners. I'm sure you'll all be impressed with my videography skills. Clearly not going to be a film director or an actress, however you get the idea...Lots of options and lots of awesome. 

I am going to be using my Personal-Planner for our homeschooling schedule. My EC planner, since I did already buy it before I found Personal Planner is where I'll store appointments and work stuff. My favorite things about this planner are the modules at the bottom and the large area to write. This is a big deal because I write so much and we have lots to cover. 

Another super plus is the fact that it's lighter and a tad thinner than my other planner. So when I only have this one in my bag, it makes it SO much lighter. However, the Personal Planner is still incredibly durable. It has strong metal rings and thick, plastic protective covers on the front and back. 

This is the custom interior page. You can leave it blank or place a custom message or "if lost" contact info. I left the message Personal Planner already had in it but added my personality to it.

Removable ruler comes in several colors. I chose clear because I live on the edge.

Check out those modules on the bottom of the planner pages! They are on every page and you can choose which ones you want. So many to choose from! Or you can leave it blank if you like.

At the back of the planner, there are more choices. You can choose to have a overview of the years like I did, additional note taking pages, sheet music [I kid you not], graph paper, or maps. Yeah. World maps up in your planner.

Behind the custom pages in the back is where I stuck the plastic envelope thing. This is where I keep a couple business cards that contacts hand me and my planner stickers. I got those off of various Etsy shops. I use them to keep track of sports practices, competitions, doctor appointments, etc.

This is the back of my planner. Then there's another thick plastic cover to protect the picture/design you choose for it. 

The elastic band that keeps your planner shut comes in several colors as well. It's truly a CUSTOM planner. Have fun with it!

And now, YOU can win one for FREE!!!! Oh yeah. You, too, can spend ridiculous hours customizing a planner from winning one. Or, if you can't wait, you can get one now here :

I need A Personal Planner. 

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Here's the video for how to customize the planner on their site. It's not a movie production. It's just to give you an idea of how rad this is.

Aloha, Jane

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