Instead of Saying "I Don't Know" // Free Poster Printable

Our homeschooling journey with our kiddos, is surely a blessing! It doesn't, however, come without some frustrations. Like when you go over something for the zillionth time and your precious child's only response is, "I don't know." ..... Insert Crazy Eye Twitch and trying to not go all Momzilla, "WHAT do you mean you DON'T KNOW?!!!" 

Have you, too, experienced this exasperating response?! Well, I wanted to find other response
options for my kids. A way to help them better communicate what they NEED, while helping me understand where and how to help them. This has been cutting down on the frustration for sure. It's not just for me, but for them. Less tears from everyone is always good. 

We can often forget that developing brains need a bit more coaching than we realize. And also a bit more time to think and process what is being asked. I mean, we KNOW that, but it's easy to forget how much their brains are trying to store and process. Plus, they are growing and maturing; so much going on in their youth! It's just another discovery while homeschooling. 

The discovery is not just in my realization of child brain development...it's within myself. Lord knows I am one of the least patient people on the planet. This reminds me to slow down, give them a minute to think or ask for further clarification and then *patiently* proceed. I'd say my next area of improvement is to stop rushing my kids when there is no actual need to rush. Just part of my many imperfections. #ChillOutMom 

There are several ways to display this as a reminder! You can put in on the outside of their binder, in a page protector inside a binder, print it on cardstock and put it in an 8x10 frame and set it on a desk, hang in on the wall...We were going to go with the page protector option, but decided that we liked it on the back of their binders. Quick easy reference. We don't have a homeschool "room", we school everywhere, really.  


There are two options, that you see pictured above and below. One is a colorful watercolor one and one is a more minimalist version. Just click on the one you want, or both, and it will take you to download! Enjoy!

Watercolor Version:

Minimalist Version:

I also printed out some fun and inspiring picture/quotes for the front of their binders. I didn't make these, just google searched to find something they would like. My youngest daughter, Brie is a gymnast and is a super huge fan of Gabby Douglas. My eldest daughter, Lorelai is a surfer and loves Bethany Hamilton. The quotes are inspiring since they're both competitive in their sports. 

Aloha, Jane

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