5th Grade Homeschool Curriculum // First Semester // 2015-2016

I get asked about our curriculum choices A LOT. So here is our fifth grade round up of curriculum for this semester of the 2015-2016 year.  This is quite a change from last year. We honestly ended up piecing it all together as we went. We were going through a ROUGH year of layoffs, unemployment and general uncertainty of everything. 

The Lord provided! He provided then and he provides for us now. We typically purchase a little bit at a time to make it all work out OR we purchase at tax return time. Lorelai is the opposite of Brie. Lorelai excels in reading. She doesn't completely LOVE reading like I did as a kid, but she reads at a high school level. 

Even though she reads at that level, there are certain literary works that I want her to read that are showcased in level 4 of Easy Peasy and some read alouds that are below her level. She also reads more difficult pieces to challenge her. This works for her, so be advised. 

Bible // Missionary Study // Character Study
My Brother's Keeper Junior : Learning to Love Your Siblings God's Way
Torchlighters DVDs
- Hymn & Worship Music Study. Resources : 1, 23 [several on the third one]

CLE [Christian Light Education] : 400 series [CLE is one grade ahead from local public schools, so this is on "grade level". We don't care about grade level, but it's just to give you an idea of where it stacks. It's a strong math like Saxon without being overwhelming...like Saxon. UPDATE : Halfway through this year we moved to Teaching Textbooks. For my own sanity of teaching many small children their maths. 
Big Brainz Math for math fact mastery
Xtra Math also for fact mastery practice 

Nancy Larson : Science 1. This is the one that my kids chose even though they aren't in 1st grade. You can see our unboxing video HERE. UPDATE : Lorelai needs a bit more difficult science. I was trying to keep the kids together and then just beefing up her studies with added activities and reading. Nancy Larson has some great tips for that. She will keep joining us for NL Science 1, because she LOVES it and retains everything! In addition to that, she will be doing Berean Builders : Science in the Beginning
- Nature Study Using : 
              Nature Activity Cards
              Nature Portfolio
              Nature Readers [Books 1-5]
              Nature Anatomy by Julia Rothman

English // Literature // Grammar // Reading // Penmanship // Vocabulary 
- Robert Frost Study in the Winter
- Easy Peasy Level 4 Reader [this covers spelling, vocabulary & extra lit]
- Easy Peasy Level 4 Reader Workbook


- Surfing [after finishing Physical Therapy]


Let's Find Out About Manners [The cover has cartoon kids from the 70s. It's charming]

Hand Embroidery Kit & Her own designs
- Watercoloring [doing this with Bible Art & Nature Study]
Keyboarding Without Tears

Please feel free to share your curriculum choices below, link to your curriculum post if you have blogged it or share any experiences you've had with anything I mentioned!

Aloha, Jane

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