Ten MORE Favorites Your Surfer Girl Will Love [And You Too!]

Last year I put together a list of Seven Favorites for your surfing obsessed daughter [or yourself] and I knew that I would be compiling a new one as soon as I posted it. Mostly because I forgot a couple books....but also because I knew we would add to the collection! Ten more additions. 

So here is the new list of radness:

1. Walking On Water DVD
This movie is one of our new top favorites. It is about two boys who go on a surfing trip around the world. But it's SO much more than that. This movie is one that stays with you as you learn how other people live in other parts of the world. The kids learned a lot about different cultures and the power of giving. And there's lots of surfing to really make it an instant hit for our surfer kids!

2. Storm Surfer by Jake Maddox
This is a short chapter book that my eldest daughter read and enjoyed. Especially since it takes place in North Carolina during a hurricane! We live in North Carolina and are well versed in living with hurricanes. It's just part of life here. 

3. The Surfer Girl's Journal
I bought two of these actually. One for my eldest daughter and one for myself. WE. LOVE. THESE. It has beautiful pictures, inspiring quotes, places to write, some delicious recipes, and a place to record your surf sessions. YES. So much yes! It also came with some postcards/notecards. This comes from Europe, so it takes a little bit to get here, but it's well worth the wait!
[take a peek below]

 4. Stuck in the Middle of Knowhere featuring Coral
This book came with this super cool doll from Target. She's part of the Our Generation doll line [the Target version of American Girl dolls]. She came with a cute outfit, this book, scuba diving set, a wetsuit, and, of course, a surfboard! It's mint green blue and my daughter loves it!

5. Surf Girl Magazine
Okay, so technically this was on the last list I did, but it's so awesome it gets a second mention. My daughter wants to get a subscription and I think we will for sure do that. It's a great magazine for my tween and pre-teen daughters. So many awesome photos and they're pretty thick magazines, too. These also come from Europe so give it a minute for it to get to ya stateside. 

6. Dude : Fun with Dude and Betty
This is for my younger daughter, Brie. She has dyslexia and is just now reading somewhat independently at age 8. She finished a giant collection of Dick and Jane books so I thought this would be fun! This arrived about 5 minutes after she had just finished the last book in the Dick and Jane series. I'm obsessed. This book is cute and it made me laugh. It even has a glossary of surfer lingo in the back. So funny! Check out more pics below.

7. The Surf Girl Handbook : The Essential Guide for Surf Chicks Everywhere
My daughter, Lorelai pretty much devoured this book. It goes through some basics : learning waves, duck diving, equipment buying guide, and lots more. It's a pretty thick book with tons of rad photography. I would say this would be best for beginner surfers, but it's fun to look through anyways. [see inside below]

8. The Surf Girl Guide to Surf Fitness
When she was done with the aforementioned book, this was her next target. It has lots of fitness tips & a little bit of nutrition advice. I think this is appropriate for beginners to pro. The fitness parts show step-by-step how to do them. It includes a whole fitness training program [complete with yoga!]. She uses this with her Bethany Hamilton's Body & Soul book for our homeschool health class. 

9. Perfect Summer
This movie is about a teenage boy who moves to a sleepy beach town after his father passes away. Him and his mom move in with his grandfather, played by Eric Roberts, who eventually teaches his grandson to surf. It's a clean, fun film that we really enjoyed. It takes place in Wilmington, NC so the kiddos really enjoyed that! We recognized the places they went and where they surfed. You can buy the DVD of it by clicking on the title above, or watch it on Netflix.

10. Fading West
This movie is a best described as part rockumentary, part surf film, completely awesome. It follows Christian rock band Switchfoot around the world as they embark on a surfing & music tour as they write the Fading West album. By the way, that album is AMAZING. Go download & listen to it, now! You'll love it even more after you see how each song was written. LOTS of awesome surfing in some pretty epic locations with some rad pro surfers that join them along the way. You can buy it by clicking on the title above or watch it on Netflix.

Fun Mention
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