Bohemian Minimalist Mama // The Book

Short post of exciting information.

My first paperback book is ready. It is out there in the world on Amazon, and on Salty Tribe Co, online bookstore. 
It's all of the baby names I have here on this blog PLUS a bunch more I came up with. I also revised my Bohemian Minimalist Baby List and created a shopping list for you right inside the book. Also, minimalist maternity fashion and nutrition advice so you can feel and look your best during your pregnancy. Yes, there's a shopping list for minimalist maternity wear as well. You're welcome. 

The shopping list for the baby stuff is broken down to explain why you don't need most of the junk on those obnoxious baby lists and what stuff you truly need to get. It's the no junk, crap free, no nonsense list for the bohemian minimalist.

In true minimalist fashion, the book is short, to the point, with no fluff.

That's the whole point.

If you prefer to purchase through Amazon, just search the title :-)

If you prefer to use the discount code for 25% off through the Salty Tribe Co online bookstore: ZYJH9AMQ , go here:

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