Top Picks for Surf City, NC // Four Favorite Places

I wanted to put together a mini, top picks post for those of you that are traveling to Surf City, NC this spring or summer break. My husband has been vacationing in Surf City his whole life. It's the place we're going to call home in the very near future. I love everything about this town, and the island of Topsail. The people are friendly and welcoming, kinda like the family you get along with. It's like the spirit of Aloha without moving to Hawai'i. 

1. Island Crush. 
You're in either of two camps : You love Italian Ice or you've never had Italian Ice. Either way, don't skip stopping by Island Crush. [Note : I suppose you could be in the camp of not liking Italian Ice, but I don't consort with that type.] Once you cross the swing bridge look for Surf City IGA Grocery Store. It's right behind it. In addition to the BEST Italian Ice I've ever had in my entire life, they have outdoor games, rad murals, outdoor cafe lights over picnic tables and then there's Buddha. He is a super sweet blue Great Dane. Our blue great dane, Roxy, didn't come with us this time, but we'll stop by again next time with her so she can make a new friend. The atmosphere at Island Crush is chill & the people are great. We met some kind locals that I'm sure we'll see more of when we relocate to the Island. 

Island Crush has so many delicious flavors that it was hard to choose! We all ended up choosing cotton candy, because, cotton candy. They have free samples, so if you can't decide between Alien Unicorn [OMG] and Tropic Thunder, no worries. If you're still conflicted after that, get both.

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2. 50 South.
My favorite surf shop. Wetsuits, surfboards, bike rentals, sweatshirts and ukuleles. That's just a tip of the iceberg of what they offer there. However, what keeps us coming back to this same surf shop every single time is the people that work there. Rocky has a way about him that makes you feel like an old friend instead of a stranger. If you're reading this, Thank you for that! Also, if you need any tips on where to eat, ask Rocky. He tipped us off to favorite number 3, but I'm getting ahead of myself. 

My favorite spot in this shop, is the back right corner when you walk in. There's an area that has local made jewelry. My daughter, Brie, loves sharks so the shark tooth jewelry is her most favorite. Shark teeth earring studs, necklaces....they're all pretty awesome. The pics below are from several different trips to 50 South. 

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You can also shop online. Just in case you can't teleport to Surf City, and want to rock some 50 South swag, GO HERE. You're welcome.

3. Fractured Prune Doughnuts.
This was the recommendation from Rocky. Middle of the day; hand dipped donuts. He said they are so good. Rocky didn't lie, folks. These donuts are amazing. Hands in the air awesome. Angels frolicking on your taste buds delicious. We went to get one donut each and ended up getting a dozen of seven or so flavors just to try as many as we could. They're a hot, fresh, melt-in-your-mouth yum-fest. Just go. I think my favorites were Margarita and OC Sand. Lorelai loved French Toast, Everett's fav was Cookies & Cream and Brie loved all of them. Daren didn't eat any this time because he wasn't hungry. We don't diet, we practice hunger directed eating. Between the both of us, we've lost over 125 lbs. Tell me intuitive eating doesn't work. Psh.

Where was I?

Oh yeah, they have shirts and hats you can purchase as well. I am a fan of tie-dye and I wanted all of them. So did Lorelai because she's my mini me. Tip, walk around back and you can sit at a picnic table overlooking the sound. It's a beautiful view, so don't miss it.

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4. Surf City Surf School.
Do yourself a favor and learn something new this year. If you're headed to Surf City, check out this surf school and learn to surf. It's a great way to stay fit and be adventurous. I've talked about SCSS many times in previous posts. Next time we head down there I'm going to buy up a bunch of lessons for Lorelai who is hell bent on getting better at surfing because she wants to compete. I just want to surf to surf. Joy and all that. #Shaka 

To each their own. All of my kids are competitive athletes, I guess. Brie is a competitive gymnast, Everett plays baseball and football, Rory's thing is surfing. Cool. My husband had double knee surgery as a teen and wasn't able to play sports after that, but beforehand, he played basketball and I was a competitive figure skater. 

As long as she's having fun and enjoying it, go for it kiddo. I will buy the lessons and get her the stuff. Done and done. Our son hasn't stopped talking about wanting to learn to surf this year so here we come SCSS! He's been talking about it for weeks now & my husband said he'll do it as well! #SurfsUpBrah #CaliSpeak #ImFromCali

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