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I'm not naturally a very crafty person. I can't sew. I can't knit. I can't really build [though I can hack it!] And even though I know how to crochet, I've never had the patience to finish even one crocheting project in 20 years. Twenty Years, y'all. 

My mom is an expert seamstress and has crocheted a billion things. My sister is an incredibly talented artist with drawing and painting. And I'm over here like, "Look at my stick figures & stacks of pretty fabric and yarn!"

I always thought that I just wasn't a crafty person and would just have to live with that. My issue was thinking that there are only a few types of things to be crafty with. I just needed to explore more options to figure out what I can be creative with. That's my tip to you if you think you are lacking creatively : Explore. We are going to be dabbling in ceramics, jewelry making, pottery, basket making...

That brings us to weaving. This idea to do branch weaving came from the bundle extras on Wild + Free. If you haven't heard of Wild + Free, it's this awesome monthly subscription & community for homeschool moms. I love love Wild + Free. You can read more about them here and download a FREE content bundle of awesome here, just so you can get a taste of what they offer each month. 

I am actually going to be starting a free, local Wild + Free Group here in Eastern NC. I'm hoping to have it meet once per week at a local park for hiking and nature exploration. So, if you happen to live here, message or email me: hello@saltandseablog.com [subject line : Wild + Free]

Back to branch weaving...I'm not very talented with tutorials, but I'll give this a go. 

What You Need to Start Branch Weaving

- A Stick/Branch. One that has a fork in it. Look for a Y or T shaped one. 
- Yarn. Whatever kind you want.
- Large Sewing Needle. Or you can weave without one. 
- Scissors.
- Fork. [used to push the weaving down]

Steps to Branch Weaving
1. Trek out through nature and find a branch with a Y or T shaped fork in it. Totally forgot to take pictures of this part. Have fun with it! Make it part of your nature walk.

2. Take your yarn [or embroidery thread if you want], to create a warp. Tie your yarn to the bottom of the V part of your branch. Then wrap around one side of the branch twice and then the other side twice. Go back and forth until you've reached where you'd like the weaving to stop.

2. Cut a length of the yarn you want to start weaving with. I recommend not cutting off a super long piece. Cut about an arm spans length. You can always tie more on. This helps it to not get all knotted up. If it does get knotted up and you can't get it out, just cut it and re-tie.

3. Tie your first yarn weaving choice to the V part of the branch. Weave by going over and under each thread/yarn warp until you reach the end. Go back doing the opposite over/under to create the weaving.

Wow. None of that makes sense written down. If you're confused even after looking at the pictures, just look at this Weaving Tutorial real quick.

4. Use the fork to push the weavings closer together. Whenever you want to change the yarn color, just cut the yarn you're using and tie on another color.

This took us a couple days to finish because we had to run to youth group/Bible study the first night ... also my kids picked out the most giant branches possible.

Aloha, Jane

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