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Must we always teach our children with books? Let them look at the mountains and the stars up above. Let them look at the beauty of the waters and the trees and flowers on earth. They will then begin to think, and to think is the beginning of a real education.    - David Polis

I am a bibliophile. A bibliophile is someone who collects and has a great love of books. I am in love with the physical, tangible feel of books. I love the scent of books and I love words. I love learning and reading is pure bliss for someone like me. This love affair runs deep. When I was a kid, I would read the dictionary and thesaurus if I ran out of books to read. 

The flip side is that I also spent a lot of time outdoors in my childhood. All the neighborhood kids did. We built forts and fought wars with Indians all dreamed up in our imaginations. I believe that our imaginations were made more vibrant by the books we read. 

Then we went out and explored the woods and beaches. It was a childhood of balance with getting lost in a book and then getting lost outside. All of it was an adventure. In my abusive childhood, books, my imagination and the outdoors were my safe escape. 

Get out an explore all of the ecosystems in your region. 

Today's children don't get outdoors as much as previous generations...and they're more addicted than ever to video games, online games, their tablets and cell phones. 

I'm sure I don't need to mention our generation's eventual heavy reliance on technology, addictions to social media and online lives...It's commonplace to find a group of friends playing on their phones instead of talking and interacting face-to-face with each other. Does anyone look up anymore?

I don't see anything wrong with the technology itself. I love "meeting" new friends through Instagram. I am blessed for the ease of keeping long distance family updated with pictures of our adventures quickly, through Facebook. 

Still there is something amazing missing from this time in history. A sense of adventure and exploration in the simple things. The growth of the internet has also brought about a death to the community. We, as a society, aren't as connected to the people that live nearest to us. Once a village or a tribe, now just strangers. 

In an effort to help rebuild the culture of the Tribe and get kids unplugged and outdoors, I've joined a couple projects that I am so excited about!

 Wild + Free Community & The Wild Explorers Club. 

Wild Explorers Club 

Wild Explorers Club is a monthly membership that I signed my kids up for last week. Every week there is a new assignment and video to watch. You go on adventure assignments outdoors. After you finish all the assignments that are given each month, you can send in that info and receive a patch! My kids LOVE earning badges.  

You can watch the first assignment video on their webpage and check out what they're all about here. Next week, I will post some pictures of what we're doing and how we created our Wild Explorer Adventure Packs. 

If you want to join our Wild Explorers Troop [in Eastern NC] email me [hello@saltandseablog.com Subject Line : Wild Explorers Club]  to let me know you want to join our weekly adventures. It's $14/month and you sign up at the Wild Explorers Club site here. It's paid online, I don't collect $$ also I don't get paid by them.

All Good Things Are Wild + Free

Wild + Free Group

Wild + Free is a community of women, mostly homeschoolers that are ... a little outside the box, like me. I finally found where I fit in, and we're all different! That's what I love about it. 

The weekly community groups are FREE. I joined their monthly membership for $19 because I LOVE reading the magazine and the bundle resources I get with that. [Get a FREE sample here] They help inspire our homeschool style and I love learning from other like-minded homeschoolers. But that is not required at all to attend a fun filled meeting.

I'm hoping to have two Wild + Free groups. One in Greenville, NC [which I am passing the torch to my good friend, Beth] and one in Surf City, NC. These groups connect kids out with nature and adventure and moms get together to hang out as well!

If you are in Greenville, NC or Surf City, NC, and you would like to join our FREE weekly group, email me : hello@saltandseablog.com with the subject line : Wild + Free. 

For the homeschool Wild + Free Group, it doesn't matter whether you follow a classical method, charlotte mason, are unschoolers, waldorf or montessori inspired, all are welcome! Both groups are FREE for anyone to join. 

Let's bring back circles of women talking and sharing our struggles and triumphs in parenting, homeschooling, marriage and life. Let's start encouraging one another even through our differences. There's enough of mom shaming and blaming. Let's cultivate a generation of explorers and adventurers. 

It's time to recreate the village and build a strong Tribe. 

Aloha, Jane

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