Family Devotional Bible // Review & Giveaway

I think I have an obsession with collecting Bibles. It might be a weird obsession but I love each and every one that I have for different reasons. I mean, I have a "problem" with collecting all types of books because I love the printed word. So maybe it's not so surprising. 

The girls have their Bibles that we covered in fabric. I have my Teen Study Bible, which was my very first Bible after discovering Christianity. A journaling Bible. I have a student study Bible [covered in fabric] for when I was in college that I also paint in and there are notes in the margins; it is well worn & well loved. 

Then there is my giant print KJV Bible that I got this past Christmas. I'm getting older and I need to SEE the words. I also love the wording of the KJV. I use it alongside an NIV, GNB or ISR98 [The Scriptures] on my Bible App. All of that to glean as much as I can from the Lord's Word. 

We received this Family Devotional Bible [ESV] to review and I am beyond thrilled to be able to. If not to add to the collection of Bibles, then to have a valuable resource for our homeschool. We have been using this Bible to look up our daily Bible readings. We are using Easy Peasy All-in-One-Homeschool for our daily guide on what to read as well as additional discussion questions. We then use the Key Verses in this Devotional Bible to create art pages for our notebooks for school.

My favorite things about this Bible : 

- It has color pictures in it. Every time you see a picture, there's a devotional that goes with it. We are all visual learners and are loving this touch in a fully printed Bible.
- It's a fully printed Bible. It's not short stories, but everything in ESV makes it easy for kids to understand. Me as well. 
- The devotionals are full studies that include "Questions for the Family" and "Key Verses". I love that feature. It helps us to apply the lesson to our lives and to connect what we're reading to memory through discussion. It also tells you which page to find the next devotional on. Awesome.

One of our kids' favorite stories is about Esther. They love her story of her courage and devotion. 

Every time the kids help me out with a product session...it always ends up with a giggle & tickle fest. Every single time. I'm glad they have fun with this! One of my favorite things about homeschooling is watching their sibling relationships grow stronger. They're learning to trust each other and be friends for one another. Lots of fights happen, but these moments...these joyous moments. #HeartFull #MemoriesMade 

You have a chance to WIN your own copy of this awesome Family Devotional Bible right here! 

Entry is simple. No purchase necessary ;-) 
If you want to just purchase one instead of trying to win one, you can get it here.

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