May Days & Nature Walks

Whenever daddy is home, the kids and I just revel in his company. Usually when he's gone, one or more of the kids crawls in bed with me early in the morning... around 6 or 7 am quietly. They know to let mama sleep. Ha! Typically they'll fall back to sleep. When daddy's home, it's a bit different. They squeeze in between my husband and I and are quiet for about five seconds before waking daddy up with a kiss. He says it's the only way to he will wake up so they kiss him on the cheek to wake him. It's precious...

Then daddy becomes a jungle gym.

Daren and I have started doing these nature walks with the kids while he's home. We decided to try out a new trail in our town and we ended up loving it! We do nature walks as part of our homeschool when Daren isn't home, but we enjoy having him with us so much.

Nature Walks in Homeschool : 
Sometimes we take our "field" art supplies with us and have a specific plan [draw the trees in the current season]. Other times we just wing it and take some notes or pictures. Many times we just go out and observe as we walk or sit on a blanket and listen and read. Once back inside we record what we remember and pull out the art supplies. Or perhaps find a poem or Bible verse that conveys what we're feeling from our nature walk. 

Checking up on our caterpillars. This photo was taken a couple weeks ago as our caterpillars are now butterflies. We let three go this past weekend but one late bloomer was still in their chrysalis. We saw that the last one emerged just last night, so we'll set it free in a couple days. We have a bunch of storms due this week. 

I'm starting to think we might never get actual adult ladybugs from our larva. I think there are about three left that are living. Maybe they're hibernating. Haha! Ladybug larva is kinda creepy looking. 

We headed out on our trail nature walk! These goofy kiddos...

I love all of the green this time of year on our town's trails. It provided great, cool shade. Also it drizzled a bit that day which made for lovely sounds. The birds & frogs sounded pleased. 

Aloha, Jane

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