The Blessing of Homeschool Friends

I'm an introvert. Like, to the core. My Myers-Briggs reads solidly in the INFJ category. If I were stuck at home alone all weekend with only a book and wasn't able to speak or hang out with a single soul, I would be happy as a clam. 

Not that I hate people...[well, maybe sometimes]....it's just that I enjoy, no, thrive on solitude. It energizes me. I can listen to music, read, write, pin things on pinterest, bust out the watercolor paints, redecorate the house...I love it. 

Ahhh...sweet solitude.

Which is exactly why I had three kids! Oh...wait. 

Three extroverted kids. Joke's on me. Yeah, I also married to an extrovert.   -_-   It's called balance, right? Love them all to death, but sometimes mama just needs some peace and quiet in order to be a better mom. And person. 

Since we started homeschooling back in 2012, I have made plenty of online homeschooling friends. Can I just say how much I love that we live in a time in history where this is a possibility?! I mean, introverts aren't fans of smalltalk... or meeting people...or social parties. The technology helps us skip all of that!

And there's quite a community online for just about anything you're interested in or for whatever beliefs or practices you might have. We, as a society, have moved further away from socializing with people in our communities, face-to-face quite rapidly. 

When we started homeschooling, I was perfectly content with only having online homeschooling friends. Through a series of events, I met [through facebook, of course] someone local who homeschools her kids. Even though we don't get together as often as I probably should to be counted as making a socializing effort, it's a huge blessing every time we do. 

We have had similar struggles with teaching a kid to read, we chat about issues we've had with curriculum, or plans we're making for the new school year. I love flipping through curriculum she bought that I haven't seen up close. Bonus? The kids get to hang out with kids like them. Even better is when her eldest happens to be a super rad beekeeper and our kids get a private bee presentation! #winning 

Last August I was at the public library and I somehow ended up chatting with this lady about our kids that were playing together. It was all friendly and polite...small talk. Then she was talking about how they were just stocking up on books for the start of their homeschool year. 

Y'all. That was all it took. If you are a homeschool mom and this has happened to you, you know what I'm talking about. 

Suddenly you're like BFFs chatting about curriculum and the homeschool community and state of public education and the common core. Homeschool moms love to talk about homeschooling. And Common Core usually gets us pretty riled up. Especially if you had to live it like we did. 

Common core math is #ModernTorture. That's real talk. 

This is a reminder to myself to step outside of my anti-social cave every once in awhile and connect. 

This is the whole reason why I'm setting up a local Wild + Free & Wild Explorers Club. Wild + Free is for moms with kids who need to get outdoors and explore in nature. Wild Explorers Club is a monthly membership [not run by me] but we get together weekly to do the fun assignments. 

Even if it drains me to socialize and I need a nap afterwards. It'll still be worth it by far. 

Do you find it hard being an introverted homeschool mom? What efforts do you make to try to connect with others face-to-face?

Aloha, Jane

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