30-Second Gluten Free "Pantry" Trail Mix

Do you ever find yourself having planned an outing and you actually got everything together?! I mean the rare occasion that you even had your coffee ingested before it got cold, kids have been wrangled, everyone is dressed, hair has been brushed, you changed out of your yoga pants and you're about to run out the door when one of your darling angels says, "Hey mom, what about _____?!"

Reality crumbles your smooth, cool confidence...Your fully checked off list was a false confidence booster... A complete oversight in your list making skills. Yeah. That happened the morning of one of our Wild Explorer Club hikes. 

This is your I'm-in-a-hurry-and-I-forgot-to-make-a-snack-to-go trail mix recipe. Use it as a springboard to create your own 30-Second Gluten Free "Pantry" Trail Mix.

In this mix : sesame almonds, pumpkin seeds, shredded coconut, enjoy life chocolate chips, dried apple slices, and walnuts. Basically whatever you got, thrown in a jar. Boom.

Aloha, Jane

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