Bible Belles // Applying the Bible to Real Life for Kids

I don't even know where to begin with these books. They're such a great idea and I feel blessed to own them. My daughters have been learning about women of the Bible this past homeschool year and have really enjoyed it. 

These Bible Belles books take all that to a whole other level. They start with a story about a modern day girl, Rooney, that has a relatable real life problem and then weave in seamlessly a woman from the Bible to glean wisdom from. 

With the help of an angel, Rooney gets to peek into the lives of women like Hannah and Esther that teach us all valuable lessons in character.

This is exactly the tool parents need to show their children that the Bible is still applicable to modern life issues. The Bible truly holds the answers for everything, but sometimes it's harder for our kids [or ourselves!] to apply the stories to our daily lives. 

My girls are especially big fans of Esther. They love love love her story, so when this book arrived they both wanted to read it immediately! 

Parenting win. 

We love the pictures in these books. They're so colorful and inviting, beautifully done! My son is very drawn to them as well. As I'm typing this he's flipping through the books. Again. Love it. 

After seeing the story of Esther, Rooney was able to apply it to her life. It brings it full circle which is the real shining moment for these books. Truly. 

They end with scripture! Excellent for memorization and tucking a bit of God in our hearts. Fill up with the living word of God. 

Also at the end of the books there is a note to visit the Bible Belles website for extra fun stuff. Um, sure! Over on the site there is a freebie section. There are coloring sheets, and other fun printable activities. I thought the Prayer cards were awesome. So did my kids! 

I printed them out and laminated them for durability so they have them whenever they need. Yes, my son likes these as well. One my other favorite printables was the one on how to pray using the TAP reminder : Thank, Ask, Praise. Another excellent tool for teaching your kids how to pray. 

There's also a Podcast called Heroes for Her. I added it to my Podcast playlist immediately after listening to one. I love it. A lot! 

 Enter below if you would like a chance to WIN a free copy of Esther!

Aloha, Jane

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