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Children learn best through play and experiences. It's why we've chosen a semi relaxed homeschool style that incorporates and welcomes open ended play. Kids need that free time to grow and explore on their own.

* I should note that this isn't a scheduled time. It happens whenever they need it. I do not stress if we have not finished our official school work. Since play is part of their work, I've learned to go Elsa on it and "Let it Go." Yeah, I went there. 

Our Salty Tribe's Favorite Free Play
- Music with random movement/free dance. I like to think of it as our own form of eurythmy [not to be confused with the Eurythmics band from the 80s]. Typically we have on classical music or worship music. Oceans by Hillsong, anyone?

- Board Games. I actually am not a huge fan of board games but I have enough children that can play together. Win-Win. 

- Chalk art. Indoor or outdoor. We use chalk pastels on paper inside or sidewalk chalk outdoors. 

- Imagination. Whatever their minds create up. They like to play this game where they're a jungle family...think Swiss Family Robinson meets Tarzan. Yeah. 

- Musical Instruments. Right now that's Ukulele.

- Knitting, Crocheting...any hand art. 

- Exploring outdoors.

- Plays. They use books to help with ideas for plays. 

Soon We Are Adding

There's usually a mess afterwards.
Aloha, Jane

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