Honey Bee Unit Study Pt. II // Minimalist Homeschooling

I recently posted about our Honey Bee unit study and how we attended a presentation done by a local homeschooler who is also a beekeeper. Originally I had intended on it being one blog post, but I take WAY too many pictures, it was just too large.

I'm going to post links to online resources so that you can use them to enhance your study if you'd like. Then I'm going to list [at the bottom] the art supplies we used for our artsty notebooking that is commonplace in our homeschool.

Time-Lapse Bee Life Cycle [Video]

Books We Used

Please take note of my super messy kitchen pictured below. You're welcome. 

We use a wet cloth to wipe our fingers in between blending a color with chalk pastels. 

Artistic Notebooking Supplies

Then I laminate them to keep them nice and smooth. Cardstock warps with a lot of watercolor on it. But this method is cheaper than watercolor paper. Plus, they keep well for the books we are making out of their schoolwork. 

Aloha, Jane

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