Simple Grapefruit Juice

One of the best things about being in my 30s is finding my own voice. This spills over into every aspect of my life from settling into a homeschool rhythm even if it's not like everyone else, comfortably stating that I disliked the movie Zootopia [Even though many people loved it. I think it's awful.] 

I recently discovered grapefruit. 

Not that I had never heard of it. Just that everyone around me seemed to dislike it greatly. Like, with fervor. I just assumed that it must be disgusting since so many found it unpalatable. 

I started my google ninja on how to pick a great grapefruit. It turns out, It doesn't really matter to me. 


A lot. It's delicious! I like cutting them in half, so pretty, and sprinkling cinnamon on them and drizzling honey over them...mmmm! I love love drinking the juice in the bottom of my bowl. 

I'm not  a huge fan of the color pink, but grapefruit is a pretty peachy pink. 

I decided that I wanted to make grapefruit juice since I had so many grapefruit and some were starting to get a bit over-ripened. I didn't look up a recipe since I figured it was pretty straightforward, however, I wanted to recreate what was usually left in the bottom of my bowl after eating a grapefruit. 

Three Ingredient // Grapefruit Juice 

- Grapefruit 
- Honey
- Cinnamon

I used a hand juicer, three grapefruits, ground cinnamon and regular honey. 

I don't like it things overly sweet, so I didn't add much. Add to taste for yourself.
About two pinches of cinnamon.

You also might decide that you want some cookies. These below are the Paleo Real Deal Chocolate Chip Cookies. Even my kids and hubby LOVE these. Because I'm a rebel, I rolled the dough in cinnamon/brown sugar mix before baking. 

Boom. Take that Paleo Police.

My son quickly escaping with a cookie

Aloha, Jane

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