When Life Gives You Waves // You Learn to Surf


After many months thinking and praying over our options, going back and forth on what to do and what is right for our family, we have made a decision. 

July is our last month here in Greenville, NC. We are going to be in transition for awhile as we adjust to our new life. 

For the first month or two we will be on the road with my husband [he's a trucker] and continue to homeschool. Err, roadschool. We went on the road with him before and actually enjoyed it even though it's not easy. A very eye opening experience to how rough it is being a trucker. 

After that, since we won't have the overhead costs of rent, electric, cable etc, we will be using the money we've saved to purchase an RV. 

We are going to fix it up, paint the interior and remove what will likely be decor from the 1980s. That RV will then make it's home on Topsail Island. Daren's new job will allow him to take more time with family which is what we need and crave. 

No more 12 hour visits on the weekend. 

Being a trucking family is not easy. It pains my husband and I every time he has to leave and we are left with sad children and missing each other dearly.

The kids are growing up so fast and we just can't wait anymore. We miss him. He misses us. This is not living. Working to make enough to barely pay bills is just not working. When he was working locally it was a struggle. We still didn't get to spend time with him. Even now that I'm bringing in an income, it still is just enough to make it.

This is not the life we want. 

So we're changing it and taking some huge leaps of faith. 

Topsail Island, and nearby towns, have a thriving homeschool community. Not to mention daily surfing. We'll be able to ride bikes to the homeschool science class and town activities....

Our expenses will be drastically lower than they are now giving us that financial freedom of paying off debt and truly living our lives. Together. 

Next summer will be filled with adventures on the road from the Grand Canyon to Destin, Florida. We will be in transition still as my business grows and my husband works with us to build it so that he can be home with us. 

I'm excited, but ask for prayers as our family goes through these waves...and learns to surf.

Aloha, Jane

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