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I keep several amazon wish lists for our homeschool. Mostly the lists are full of books divided up by subject and little projects to enhance our studies. On our science homeschooling list, I had added these small stuffed birds by Wild Republic. They are the Audubon Birds and I thought they would be a fun visual for my kids. 

We enjoy a lot of bird watching and our favorites are cardinals, robins, woodpeckers and blue jays. In our minimalist homeschool, we do unit studies whenever we want to dive deeper into a topic. Usually we try to add some new element to them to keep it extra fun. This can be a new art material, prop or experiment. 

This go around when we were studying blue jays, in addition to the plush Audubon bird, we added in some new art materials and a how-to draw blue jays video. We are loving the vibrancy of our Filana crayons and our chalk pastels. They both blend excellently. 

 Our favorite thing about the Wild Republic plush birds is that they have a button you can press that makes the specific bird call of that particular bird. Very helpful for when we are out exploring and can't see the bird that is calling. We can identify them by their bird call! #BirdCallerID haha!

Watching the video on how to draw a blue jay.

Even my husband joined us for this art class!

Everett isn't quite ready for drawing blue jays, but he drew this awesome picture of Mars. His backwards "S" looks like the number 2, but he's learning! Whenever we are doing a lesson together with all three kiddos, we make each of them work to their level. However, don't be afraid to let them just go with their interests after the lesson is over. 

The second part to this assignment included researching blue jays and writing about them in their notebooks. Later they will add some of their findings to these drawings [in the white space] and then create a border for the pages before I laminate them. We just started with the border decoration as part of our more Waldorf inspired homeschooling. 

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