Minimalist Homeschool Pre-K + Kindergarten

Last week I did a post on our Minimalist Homeschooling Daily and Weekly Schedule to show how we get through all of our subjects weekly without losing our minds completely. We finally found out a way to beat the overwhelm and I wanted to share just in case someone needed help implementing a more simplistic homeschool day...and week.

This week I wanted to give you an idea of what tools we use for Pre-K and Kindergarten for the minimalist approach.

When we started homeschooling, I tried to replicate public school at home. Which doesn't make sense because the reason we pulled our kids out was because public school wasn't working anymore for us. As you can imagine, it was a mess. And lots of tears all around.

That was four years ago. When my second daughter was in Kindergarten. She wasn't ready to read, but since the public school required it and my eldest was reading by four, I tried to push too much on her too soon.

We have come to believe that a more gentle instruction for the pre-k and kindergarten years prove to be exceedingly beneficial and help our children to truly blossom.

Education is a journey. Not a race. We want to facilitate an environment of learning and exploration. We also want them to be exposed to lots of culture, geography [first hand], languages, and adventures. Without losing our minds and getting super stressed out. Or going broke.

Welcome : Minimalist Homeschooling.

Understand that this is going to look very different from traditional schooling and boxed homeschool curriculum, but I assume that you're here looking for an alternative anyway. Our Pre-K and K are basically the same as we delay formal academics until 6-7 yrs of age.

We do keep in mind our children's desires to learn. My Kindergartener is Everett and he wants to "do school" like his sisters. I just don't force it like I did in the beginning of our homeschool journey.

I'll go through the schedule and then list the tools that we use.

Pre-K + Kindergarten Schedule

   Maths, Music & Bible Story. Modeling Sand Play.

   Reading, Listen to Hymn, Bread Baking.

   Science/Nature Study, Wild Explorers Club, Hiking.

   Hawaiian Language. Soup Making, Hand Embroidery, Puppet Play.

   Painting, Form Drawing, Bible Story.

That's pretty much it for scheduling. It's very relaxed and anytime he's not in a "lesson" he's using his imagination. Typically you can find Everett fighting imaginary dragons or invisible minecraft creepers in the background as I'm teaching the girls. As you can see from photos, there is a LOT of outdoor playtime.

Below are the buyable pieces that we use. For math, we include cooking and baking as math as well as counting things in nature, a jar of dried beans, buttons, etc. So keep in mind that these are just some of the tools, but aren't cumulatively what we use to teach each subject.

With Reading, he joins with read alouds for the girls, plus lots of other random books that we love. We learn foreign language by immersion & literature which I will make a separate post about.

Pre-K + Kindergarten Curriculum Tools

Montessori Math Set
Mini Wooden GeoBoard

Reading + Phonics
Hooked on Phonics Learn to Read
McGuffey's Readers
Surfing Animals Alphabet
Paul Thurlby's Alphabet Book
Literature 1 | 2 | 3 | 4

Wild Explorers Club
Wild Explorers Adventure Pack
Wild + Free Group
Exploring Nature With Children


Art Supplies
Filana Block Crayons
Filana Stick Crayons
Card Stock Paper
Watercolor Paints
Embroidery Hoop
   - embroidery kit 1 + 2

Finger Puppets Assortment
Open Ended Items
All Year Round : Christian Calendar of Celebrations [for festivals]
Hawaiian Language [various books will make separate post]

Sharing is pretty rad. There are two pin-able, shareable images below:


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