Island Life.

It's been over a decade in the making. Quite a season of waiting but I'm not going to complain because many people in the Bible had to wait 40 years or more or never got to see [first hand] the promises that God had for them. 

We finally moved to the island. I've been talking about it on the blog for quite a time. We took a leap of faith, sure, but we prayed all along. I definitely recommend the book Fervent for your prayer life. It will radically change your life. My prayer life before was so vague. Now it has purpose. Focus. Meaning. 

The last six weeks we faced trial after trial. Testing our faith to the limit. Trusting God was the best choice. I am weak, so I lean on a strong God. I don't have to be strong. 

Also, don't give up on your dreams. God gives you those dreams. You do have to have faith and take action for them to come to fruition, but don't let them go. Even when it's hard. Even when you have opposition or trials or letdowns. 

We are on island time. The slower paced life we were longing for is here. Beach days, beach nights, cool breezes and wandering walks. The sunrises on the ocean are spectacular. The sunsets on the sound side of the ocean...

It's definitely easier to stay active daily here. Soon we will all be surfing and paddle boarding. I can't wait until we have our bikes here. In a couple weeks we have our Wild + Free groups starting. I'm excited for making more new friends. 

The locals remember us from our vacationing days. We haven't been here since March, but they remember and they have been so welcoming! Many of them have said, "Welcome home!" And that's just it. 

It feels like home. 

It doesn't feel surreal or dreamlike. I mean, it's gorgeous and we love it, but it doesn't feel fake. It feels just right. Like a cozy sweater or a warm hug. We belong here. 

We've already made some friends and can't wait to build the rest of our lives here. Whatever God has in store, we are trusting Him. It's the best laid plan.

Here's a ghost crab we found on our way back home from the beach. We'll probably get some flashlights and go look for them even more later this week. 

Have you read Fervent? If you haven't, GO GET IT. If you have, I would love to hear how it changed you or made you think about your prayer life. 

Aloha, Jane

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