Hurricane Matthew // Riding It Out On An Island

The Night Before Hurricane Matthew.

Hurricane Matthew. 

My husband got home from the scariest drive ever across North Carolina around 6:15 AM. He had to drive from Charlotte, NC to Surf City, NC in the outer bands of a then Category 3 Hurricane Matthew. His truck almost flipped over several times, and the bridges were quite a terrifying ride. 

All thanks to God that he got her safely. As soon as he got home, the tornado warnings started going off every few minutes. All of them were across the areas he had just driven through. Praise the Lord, again! 

The waves were MASSIVE. It's hard to capture in photo and video. They were 20 foot waves and they were INCREDIBLE to see with my own eyes. 

We were looking at a house in this neighborhood...but we scratched it off the list....

We watched dozens of transformers blow that night. It was like the scariest fireworks show. Sparks were flying everywhere. We lost power for 20+ hours and lost all of our food. The stores had to throw everything out because they lost power so there was no food to replace it all with. 

Hungry kids isn't fun. And nothing we could do about it for a couple days. Others have it much worse than that. 

After Hurricane Matthew.

Below is Lorelai, standing in front of the same fence that was damaged in Matthew above.


Before Matthew this sign outside Sister's Organic Market said,
 "Go Away Matthew! Prayers for Safety." 

We started beach cleanup VERY early that morning. Most people on the beach were cleaning up. My husband dragged LARGE pieces of wood up the beach into piles so the Town of Surf City could pick them up easier. 

Power was out at church, but we still gathered to worship! Almost everyone that attended didn't have electricity and many didn't have water either.

Extensive damage to our dunes. It's even worse in North Topsail [just a few minutes up the island road.] and on Oak Island [our island neighbors to the south]. 

 Dunes in North Topsail are even worse...they're non-existent. 

Sand covered roads. 

It was COLD after Matthew passed by us. 

Prayers for our many many neighbors all across the state, our family and friends that have been evacuated due to the devastating flooding that is STILL happening. Kids all across the state have been out of school ALL week long. 

The roads are flooded, we are pretty confined to our island, others are confined to their homes. So many more have completely lost their homes, clothes, food, everything. Too many have died. If only one death, it would still be too many. 

We have had friends being rescued from their homes by helicopters and the Army National Guard. So many thanks to the linemen, first responders, mayors, neighbors, military, and just whole communities coming together to help one another. 

Pray hard for our state. Not just the coasts, but INLAND areas most especially. 

Aloha, Jane

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