Minimalist Homeschooling 101 // A Series

One of my favorite things to do is helping other homeschooling moms on their homeschooling journey.  Every week, I get several emails from homeschool moms with various questions about minimalist homeschooling. 

After responding to so many of the same questions, which I totally don't mind doing, I decided to create a series answering the questions I get asked most often : What is minimalist homeschooling? How do I get started? What curriculum do I use? How do I know if my children are doing enough?

I'm going to use this this post as a directory to this series and older related posts so that everything is easy to find. All of the posts listed will be focused on an organic way of learning with a minimalist simplicity. 

Minimalist Homeschooling 101 Series 
Are My Children are Doing Enough?

Older Posts on Minimalist Homeschooling
Minimalist Homeschooling [an overview of how we implement in our home]
Minimalism Took Over Our Homeschool [the beginning stages for us]

Specific Science Studies

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