A Simple Advent // Focus on Yeshua

In our need to keep this season stress free and simple, we have introduced the Advent candle lighting tradition to our kids this year. We have always wanted to do one, but have never done it at home. 

We have been to church on Advent Sundays where they light the candles and we have talked about the season, keeping the focus on the greatest gift ever given : 


In previous years I thought we needed to purchase a fancy, pricey Advent wreath or calendars or have little daily presents or any of the other elaborate things I saw on pinterest. 

Not in keeping with our minimalist and simplicity favored lives. 

I got our Advent candles from a dollar store. They're simple and white. I like the purity of white candles. You don't have to have the colored candles. You don't have to have an Advent wreath. 

We had one candle holder, and then I found some votives or shot glasses that were left in the house we moved into, I melted wax in the bottom and then used them as candle holders. It's not like we drink anyway!

We wanted to add greenery. I love nature, admiring God's creation. Lorelai went outside and found some greenery, holly, and we used branches to decorate our Advent setting. 

That's it. 

I wanted a guided study, so I purchased a couple inexpensive books for the kids :

We had planned on lighting the first candle, Promise, on the first night of Advent, but we had sick kiddos. And again on Monday, so we did ours last night [Tuesday]. We did all three and I let each kid light the first candle as we did each day separate. 

The kids really enjoyed this! We used the candle in the chamberstick to light the other candle. There is something very peaceful and spiritual about lighting the candles and reading God's word. Everett was so pleased that he was able to light a candle all by himself. 

The readings, prayers and lessons in each are wonderful. We thought we would just decide which one we liked the best and then just use that one, but they both offer something different and it doesn't take long to do them both.

EDIT TO ADD : We decided tonight during our candle lighting that the Welcome Baby Jesus one works best in the morning because of the "Act" portion of the devotional. It gives us something to work on during the day. So we do that one in the morning and the other at night. We love both!

Here is a peek at the inside of the devotionals : The first three pictures are from We Light Candles and the last two are from the Welcome Baby Jesus.

I am making a playlist on my Apple Music that has all the songs/hymns for each week. When the devotionals call for us to sing, we will sing along to the downloaded song. 

Here's everything I used for our Advent study :
Greenery collected from outside

Found our girls hanging Christmas lights up in Brie & Ever's room last night after our Advent. 

We also watched : The Christmas Miracle of Jonathan Toomey, make sure you have your tissues ready! It's a fantastic movie. I wanted to leave you a list of movies & books that you can watch with your kiddos this Advent season. [purchasing through our links is free, but helps to keep this blog going]

Why Do We Call It Christmas? [we watch this every year!]

We also plan on celebrating Hannukah this year. The first day is Christmas Eve. Praying you have a wonder filled, simple, sacred Advent season. 

Aloha, Jane

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