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The Life Changing Magic of Tidying by Marie Kondo has been on my Must Read list for ages. It's one of those books that seemed like everyone was reading or talking about. I've read reviews about it and some people found the method in the book a bit odd.

That let a little of my enthusiasm for the book dwindle. Why was it weird? What was so odd? Why didn't some people like it? I get that not everyone likes all the same books, but what could be so odd about tidying up?

One of my good friends here has a library of books in her home. She makes my collection look laughable. I get a Belle's Library feeling when I look at her bookshelves. I love books. I saw The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up and I knew I was going to read it.

I read most of it in a few days and I was clamoring to start changing the way I do things in my life. I minimized heavily before moving to the Island. We wanted to have as few things as possible, but even so. we still have a bit too much.

Some clothes that didn't need to make the cut, a pair os sweatpants that didn't but I wish I had kept, keepsakes that I don't ever ever look at. Ever. Stuff I keep just because it might hurt someones feelings if I got rid of it.

No more.

This book certainly lives up to its title. It is, in fact, life changing.

Not only did I rid myself of more non-essential things, but I now enjoy folding clothes. In order for that statement to have a real impact, let me paint you a picture. When Daren and I got married, I folded and put away clothes like a good housewife.

Then we had kids.

Try as I might, I could not keep up with putting things away. I considered it a bonus if anything even got washed instead of sniff tested + the body spray combo. Just keepin' it real...

Clean clothes live in a happy little place called the laundry basket. If they have made it through a few lazy extra cycles in the dryer, they end up in the nearly eternal landing spot of the basket.

Sometimes this basket is on the couch, or the floor in the living room. If company is coming over it ends up in our room with the door shut. No one needs to know I don't fold laundry and am actually a less than perfect, failure of a wife. [sarcasm]

They pile up. Stack up and everyone ends up digging through trying to find matching socks or a favorite shirt they're hoping got washed...

If I was feeling particularly ambitious [read : had several cups of caffeinated coffee before it got cold, nuked and then forgotten in the microwave] the clothes ended up unfolded in their dresser drawers.

That would be a really good day. Or a really bad day...I tend to over clean when I'm angry. And yes, putting away laundry classifies as over doing it my world.

Now that you understand how laundry goes here, you can imagine the shock that I ENJOY folding and putting away laundry now.

Not in a passive, nonchalant way, either. When I started folding the KonMari, that's the name of the method, way I actually giggled out loud. Repeatedly. It. Was. Fun. I enjoyed the thrill of getting everything to stand on it's end.

And the drawers look beautiful.

Going through clothes is the first thing you tackle in the getting rid of excess and going minimal. I got rid of things that don't bring me joy. That's part of what some people found weird. The other complaint I saw repeatedly was the thanking things for the joy they once brought you before you discard it.

I thought it sounded a bit out there when I was reading it. However, putting it into practice I found that doing so OUT LOUD helped with letting go and discarding. It made the process easier.

Weird but true, and effective.

Hubby and kids are all on board, too. Everett picks out his own outfit without help now since he can find everything. My husband probably thought I had lost my mind when he got home and saw all his things organized. He might have been scared.

Everything is in place and it's very easy to keep up with it. And there are fewer things to have to place. Harmony in the home.

Aloha, Jane

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