Mango Jicama Slaw // Trader Joe's Copycat Recipe

I'm going to keep this short and sweet because food blogging is not something I am skilled at. Last weekend I went to my favorite grocery store : Trader Joe's. I always try something new and then stock up on my favorites. 

One of those favorites is Mango Jicama Slaw. They always have it. It's the bomb . net, guys. 

They didn't have it. I looked all over the aisle, and even asked for help. As an introvert, that is a HUGE deal since I never ever do that. Ever. The kind staff [they are always so extra nice at Trader Joe's] found out that it had been discontinued. 

She told me that was a small chance it could come back in the spring, but that they do sell jicama so that I could make some, if I'd like. 

I was too distraught to think about what I needed to make Mango Jicama slaw. [Slightly kidding] Lame, but this junk is delicious. I will eat it on a spoon straight out of the container. Also awesome on corn tortilla chips. And tacos. And burgers. 

.... I really haven't found a way NOT to eat it. 

Anyways, when the tears were dried, I decided to attempt to make some. I googled for recipes, but the ingredients of all that I found didn't match the ones on the ingredients list on the TJs Mango Jicama slaw. 

It wouldn't be the same. 

So I went shopping by the ingredients list and figured I would just wing it. 

"Just wing it" also happens to be my philosophy for parenting, traveling, homeschooling and just life in general. 

Also this disclaimer : I don't measure anything when I cook. So if you're hoping to find exact measurements...Sorry, I'm not a food blogger. I was just desperate. 

Ingredients List
For Slaw 
- 2 Mangos
- Jicama 
- Green Cabbage
- Cilantro 

For Citrus Dressing
- Lemongrass
- Mango Vinegar OR Rice Vinegar, or really any vinegar. 
- Lime Juice
- Ginger Paste
- Organic Sugar
- Red Pepper Flakes
- Water 
- Cornstarch OR Arrowroot Flour

** Note : Next time I might add some juiced mango to the sauce, but it's totally great without doing that.

Tools Needed 

For the slaw : I peeled the jicama [which I have never ever bought before but certainly will from now on.], and chopped into pieces that would fit in the shredding compartment of the food processor. Same for the mango [used this cool hack for peeling mango in seconds], chopped the cabbage so that it could be shredded with the food processor

That took only a few minutes. Then I made the sauce/dressing. All measurements are approximate. Use your own taste buds to judge. I tasted as I went. 

For the dressing : Put sugar [1.5 tbsp-ish], cornstarch or arrowroot powder [1-2 tsp], and water in a small bowl. Microwave until smooth & combined. Add lime juice [1/2 tbsp], ginger paste [1/4 tsp], red pepper flakes [a pinch], and vinegar [1 tsp-ish]. For the lemongrass, I used my microplane zester and zested until I was satisfied with amount of zest. 

I just said zest, a lot.

Oh, and rough chop some cilantro and add that. 

I have been transitioning to a vegan/plant based diet due to medical and health reasons. My eldest daughter is totally wanting to go vegetarian or vegan. Not a surprise to her father or I. She has been grossed out by meat for years. 

As soon as she made the connection that meat is animal when she was little, she has mostly opted for meatless junk food or dried fruits. Or rice or pasta. We are totally okay with her wanting to be a vegetarian or vegan. 

Anywho, I hope this helps and I hope you are successful in making some TJs Knockoff Mango Jicama Slaw. 
Aloha, Jane

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