Changes Since Going Vegan // 30 Days In

I was going to start this post off with the big WHY : Why did we go vegan? But I think I just want to do that in a separate post, actually. 
This post is purely an update now that I've been vegan one month. What changes, if any there have been and if I plan to continue eating a vegan diet. 

First, I do want to address what I've been eating. I could have been noshing on oreos and spicy sweet chili doritos and called myself a vegan. 

I am a plant based, mostly low fat, high carb eating vegan. I have never ever in my life eaten high carb. I have almost always been a high fat, high protein, low carb person. I was fully convinced that that was the best way to go for my specific body. 

I did always find myself craving carbs though. Carbs are my favorite. I LOVE CARBS. But I was always afraid of eating too many of them. I was sure that my weight gain was from eating carbs. I would "bet the farm" on it. 

I was paleo [or mostly paleo] from 2013 [the purist days] until 2016. I thought I felt pretty darn good doing that. And I totally did, until 2015/2016. My weight started to go up even though I was active and not overeating. 

I will go more into detail in another post but basically I wanted to see what would happen if I tried plant based for my body. Even more, I wanted to see what would happen if I went high carb and low fat instead of the opposite. 

I was scared. I mean totally freaked out that if I ate grains, lentils or beans, that I would swell up. Turns out that wasn't the case. 

First 30 Days Notes : 
- I was bloated and gassy for the first week of eating rice, beans and lentils and lots of fruits. It has been about 3 or so years since I've had most of those things. I was now eating fruits I didn't allow myself to consume for one reason or another. 
- The first week, my weight didn't go up or down. I maintained even though I was eating about 500 calories more per day. 
- I enjoy preparing my meals. I feel more creative with it. 
- I'm thinking about carbs less by end of week 1. I'm not craving them because I'm eating them.
- By week two I am no longer bloated and even after a meal my stomach looks flat. 
- I notice that I am fuller for longer. A carb loaded breakfast left me full until almost 1:30-2:00 pm.
- Boundless energy [until I got sick, got a nasty cold -- many of our friends and whole family got it]
- Zero stomach issues or constipation.
- Face is slimmer and bloated puffy face is gone. 
- My rings are looser.
- I have to eat more food in order to eat the same amount of calories as before.
- It's not hard to order vegan at a restaurant. 
- We eat out less and therefore save money.
- It's cheaper to feed a family of five plant foods versus foods that contain animal products. 
- I'm more alert. No more brain fog. 
- I have really missed rice. Especially white rice. No adverse reactions from consuming it a few times per day either. 
- Chia seeds and cilantro go on everything.
- Sweets taste sweeter and we cut out refined sugar in 2013...
- Potatoes and Corn aren't the enemy and taste awesome.
- I feel lighter. Hard to explain, I mean I weigh less, but I feel less heavy when I walk. Like a bouncy step.
- Zero flare ups in eczema. I'm very self conscious about the eczema on my face but I haven't had any flare ups. It seems to be clearing up.
- Clearer skin overall.
- Clothes fit better/looser.  
- I've lost 8.3 lbs in the last 30 days. With almost zero exercising.

Yeah. A little over 2 lbs per week, without even exercising. And I eat more. The only exercising I did was Dec 31st and Jan 1st. I went on a 4 mile walk on the 31st when family was in town and a 3-4 mile bike ride on the 1st. Unless Netflix bingeing counts as exercising... 

Finished all six seasons of Parenthood this month. #DontJudgeMe 

The symptoms I've felt in relation to my thyroid that I take synthroid for, are gone. While the synthroid keeps my thyroid hormones on point, it doesn't get rid of the side effects of Hashimotos Thyroid Disease. Plant Based Eating, thus far, has. I will update in another 30 Days! #StayingVegan

Aloha, Jane

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