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I love Kari Jobe. Her new album, The Garden, was released today and I am so excited! The kids and I sat down to enjoy her new album and it is a real treat. The melodies, the lyrics...every bit of this is amazing. 

Kari wrote on 12 of the 14 songs. Many of them her husband Cody Carnes also wrote with her. On a couple tracks he sings with her and it's beautiful perfection. Also, can I just say how happy it makes me for the lyrics to be included in the cd booklet? Winning. 

1. The Garden
This song is very calm and soothing. It truly paints a picture and washes over in a hopeful, healing feeling. My kids particularly loved doing some ballet/interpretive dance to this one. 

I can see the ivy growing through the wall
'Cause You will stop at nothing
To heal my broken soul

2. Let Your Glory Fall
This was a spirit stirring song. The chorus, by the end makes you stand up and raise your hands! Absolutely loved it! 

Let Your glory fall
Overwhelm my soul
Let Your presence flood my life, O Lord
Break upon me now
Let Your love crash down
Let Your glory fall

3. Heal Our Land
This. So much this. Heal our land is exactly what we need right now. From every part of the globe we need a healing in our land. This song has a beautiful melody and lyric is powerful. 

Spirit of God, breathe on Your church
Pour out Your presence
Speak through Your word
We pray in every nation, Christ be known
Our hope and salvation, Christ alone

Lord, would You hear our cry
Lord, will You heal our land

4. Lover of My Soul
Kari's voice really soars in the chorus on this one. It's just lovely! 

Jesus, all my heart belongs to You
Jesus, every heartbeat longs for You

5. Speak to Me
This song is beautiful and then leads into a stripped down chorus. It's perfect. I think this song would be a great way to start a morning Bible study. Refreshing to the mind and sets your focus on what God has to say to you. 

The sound of many waters
Calms the sea in me

Speak to me
Speak to me
I'm listening

6. Fall Afresh
This song reminded me of the Bible verse "as for me and my house we will serve the Lord." [Joshua 24:15]

Let this be a house
Where You long to stay

Holy Spirit, fill this heart again
Holy Spirit, burn like fire within 

7. I Will Sing
This song. After so many deaths in our family and the loss of friends last year, this song is perfect for those grieving. It's about pushing through the pain and remaining hopeful in the Lord. Focus on still praising the Lord even if you are in despair or feel like there is darkness. Shout hallelujah. Keep singing.

Even in my suffering
I will sing, I will sing

8. Miracles 
I love this song! Right now my sweet mother-in-law is fighting stage three colon cancer. It has been an extremely rough fight for her with many many hurdles keeping her from getting her treatment going. So many feelings of helplessness. This song is a reminded that our God is a God of miracles. A great reminder to, once again, have hope. 

I believe in You
I believe in You
You're the God of miracles

9. Closer to Your Heart
This song features Kari's husband, Cody Carnes. I love it when they sing together! It's so pretty! Closer to Your heart is about being drawn into the heart of God. I think this song is excellent for listening to while doing Bible Art Journaling. Get lost in the love, awe and wonder of God. Gorgeous harmonies here. 

My younger daughter Brie must have felt the same way because she got out her art supplies and started creating with this song playing as inspiration. 

At every facet of Your beauty
My heart responds with Holy, Holy

10. Oh The Power
The power this song speaks of is the power of the cross. A reminder of the greatest sacrifice ever given. He bore all for each of us in the greatest show of love ever. 

11. The Cause of Christ
This song helps you to keep your focus on more than what the world has to offer you or whatever the world is throwing at you. When things are good or when things are very rough, I can sometimes pull away from God. Often forgetting that all blessings come from Him, and that through all trials, we are never alone. 

He is all my soul will prize
Regardless of the joy or trial
When agonizing questions rise
In Jesus all my hope abides

12. Here as in Heaven
Another track where Cody sings with her. I could totally see this being a Sabbath morning worship song. I think I am going to pass this and the next song on to my pastor and see what they think. I could see our church singing it together. 

Overflow in this place
Fill our hearts with Your love
Your love surrounds us
You're the reason we came
To encounter Your love
Your love surrounds us

13. Come Alive
How blessed are we to be loved by a God whose love is unrestrained?! Let us be reminded to lift ALL our praise up to Him. This is another one I will see if our church could sing together. 

You are wild
And Your love is unrestrained

14. On the Throne
We are in a rough season of life right now. I always stick to posting positive stuff because I don't like talking about the rough stuff. It's a vulnerability I'm never comfortable with. I know that this is just a season and not forever. 

This rough season in life where it feels like the hits keep coming and there's no relief coming. Every time we think the storm is over, we get pummeled by another wave. This is probably why this song is one of my favorites on this whole album. We will not be overcome by fear, trials, storms, darkness or anything because...

For the Lord is
He is able, He is faithful
Higher than the mountains that I face
Every season I will press on
For God alone is on the throne

This song also resonates with the what is happening in the world or in our country. Just remember that no matter who is president or what is going on, that God is on the throne and He is in control. He reigns over all

On the throne
Infinite, magnificent 
Sovereign over all

We are blessed to be able to give one of Kari's new CD's away to one of our lucky Salty Tribe readers! If you would like to purchase her album instead, here is where you can do that [click here]! 

I wanted to share a bit of this story about Kari & her sister Kris, because even though it was heartbreaking to read, I resonated with it as a mother. We all go through rough seasons and many of them can feel absolutely unbearable. 

With all the loss we endured last year, I can relate. Let us all love one another. We don't know what struggles and pains others are in. In a time of turmoil, let us always remember to love first.

"While The Garden planted the songwriter back in the studio following 2014’s critically-acclaimed live recording, Majestic—which won a GMA Dove Award for Praise and Worship Album of the Year—the new album is also rooted in a series of personal transition and remarkable grief for the singer and her family. In the past two years, Jobe married her husband Cody Carnes and moved from her hometown of Dallas, Texas, to Nashville, where the couple bought their first home and had a baby. 

With due dates three months apart, Jobe and her sister, Kris, were excited to be pregnant at the same time. Yet, in the midst of happy life changes, heartbreak struck. Seven-and-a-half months into her pregnancy, Kris gave birth to a stillborn daughter, James Ivy. Jobe, four months pregnant with her son at the time, was devastated.

“It just shattered my heart. It was so, so hard,” Jobe shares. “It wrecked me—just the weight of unanswered prayers. I was trying to walk in peace when I didn’t feel peaceful and find my rest when my spirit didn’t feel rested.”

Aching for her sister, Jobe was simultaneously anxious for the safety of her own child. On February 18, 2016, a healthy Canyon Carnes entered the world. “It’s hard to celebrate life, but to be grieving with your sister,” Jobe admits, adding that knowing Canyon’s name ahead of time gave her strength through the remainder of her pregnancy after the loss of her niece. “God gave us his name even before this whole thing took place,” she says. “Canyon means a deep ravine for water to flow through. Canyons are formed through storms, so the fact that God gave me his name was so peaceful to me… I was thankful He gave me his name for that season.'"

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Grammy nominated Kari Jobe is the premiere female worship leader in Christian music. Coming off her last live album, Majestic, which featured the worship anthem “Forever” and radio hit “I Am Not Alone," Kari Jobe has returned to the studio to record her new album, The Garden, full of brand new worship anthems for the church and for personal reflection. Finding inspiration from life’s joys and hardships, Kari leans into the firm foundation of Christ through it all.

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