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This is a really short post and something that I want to start doing regularly. I post a lot about what my kids are reading, but I also LOVE to read books that are just for me. 

I read lots of books at the same time. I would like to finish one book and then start another, but my read-them-all-now mentality makes that impossible. They're all great and I am wanting to absorb all of them immediately. 

If only osmosis was a legit thing. 

In a deliberate effort to show real life and how mine is not always perfectly put together with perfectly clean spaces, I'm not cropping out or moving things that show this. So there's a dirty dish on my dresser. *shrugs* 

The "Love" watercolor painting is something Lorelai made for me. I've decided it's a reminder I need daily. Love God. Love my husband. Love my children. Love others. ALL of them. Love them as you love yourself. 

*Using the links above doesn't cost you anything extra, but if you use them to purchase anything, it helps to support this blog, so that I can afford to keep doing it. 

What books are you reading right now? I have a list that I keep going for books that I would like to read and I LOVE recommendations! 
Aloha, Jane

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