Yoga For Christian Families, Kids, Tweens & Teens

We love yoga. It's a great way to stretch, relax, focus and energize. It's no  competition between cardio and yoga. Yoga is the clear winner for my exercise since I don't hate life after a session like I do with traditional cardio workouts. 

My best tip for curing anxiety and depression is prayer. Yoga helps with the breathing and movements that help bring down my blood pressure and relax me. 

As a Christ follower, it can be tricky to find a yoga class or home dvd that doesn't clash with my faith. My focus while practicing yoga is on Him. When directed to find the light inside, I know that the light inside me is Jesus and nothing else. 

Connecting with the spirit for me is The Holy Spirit of the Trinity. I don't think it's hard to separate yourself from worldly beliefs when you focus daily on making your own faith strong. When your faith it strong, you see everything through His eyes. I call it my God lenses or filter. 

I do yoga with my kiddos. That way I can instruct them in the correct way to use Yoga to worship God the Creator of all things. 

Train a child up in the way he should go and when he is old he will not depart from it. - Proverbs 22:6

We are the closest example for our children. They watch everything we do and learn from that. They develop their thoughts and practices from what they observe. 

If a dvd says something about the light, while we are in the yoga session, I softly remind them that Jesus is the light. A gentle reminder to keep their focus on Him. A reminder for myself as well.

We typically do yoga in either the evening before bed or first thing in the morning. It's not a schedule, we just like to do it at those times. Some days we do yoga both in the morning and the evening. We really enjoy it! 

So, all of that being said, here are our favorite DVDs, books, and youtube yoga resources.  

Omolulu Yoga for Children [Ages Pre-K through Elementary]
Shanti Generation : Yoga Skills for Youth Peacemakers [Ages 8 to Adult] I do this one with my kids!
Yoga : Power Flexibility Balance [Ages 8-12] I did this with my girls. More advanced than beginner yoga. 
Family Acro Yoga [All Ages] This is our all time favorite. Don't be put off by the home video type recording. My kids, hubby and I all really enjoy this. 

Yoga for Your Mind and Body [for Teen Girls] I do the poses in this book with both of my daughters. This is our favorite book for poses! It is beautifully laid out with clear instruction.
Yoga Girl [adults] I use this as inspiration. 
Good Morning Yoga [Pre-K through Early Elementary]
Good Night Yoga [Pre-K through Early Elementary]

YouTube Yoga Sessions
Christian Yoga Morning Flow [15 minutes. Caroline Williams]
Yoga Camp [30 Days of Practice]

Yoga Mats
Round Bohemian Tapestry Mat. We like to use tapestries for outdoor yoga, beach or grassy parks, instead of traditional yoga mats. It's easier to do the moves and easier clean up for outdoor yoga. And we highly recommend outdoor yoga.  
Bohemian Tapestry. This rectangular shape is larger and great for yoga with friends or kids. We use two for four of us. 
Tropical Palm Leaf Yoga Mat This mat is so cool. Love the tropical feel. Also, you can click on the pic below to see those fab looking mats. 

Aloha, Jane

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